Buying our Charlottesville Home, Part 1

The "Our Charlottesville Home Search" series is over! I can't believe it took five posts to get through the process when the search didn't really take all that long. By the third week in March, we decided to make an offer on a house.

I have to admit that I tried to be kind of blasé about this house in my posts about our search. It needed a lot of work, but it was in a really wonderful neighborhood. Both of us have colleagues in the area and we would come to find out that one of Baxter's siblings lives there, too.

We decided to buy the house I labeled "the cave" in earlier posts. In reality, it wasn't a cave. The house just needed a bit (okay, a lot) of work to release it from its current cave-like existence. We thought we could do it.

You could say we were fulfilling two real estate sayings. We were settling on a not-so-great house in a fantastic neighborhood and we were paying for our neighbors.

So, we put together an offer and submitted it electronically. I love that Jim Duncan is a paperless realtor. It only took a few minutes to go from talking about an offer to signing one. Off the document went and we were like

 because this house had been on the market for over a year and we were pretty sure the seller would be thrilled to have someone interested.

And then


For days.

I had a hard time focusing on anything after we made the offer. I jumped every time the phone rang. I checked my email obsessively. I got almost no sleep.

Three days later, Jim contacted the listing agent to ask what was going on. She hadn't even shown the offer to the seller yet. She had an offer on a house that needed work, that had been empty for over a year, and she didn't show it to her seller for three days?

The night of Jim's phone call, the seller's agent physically went to the man to show him our offer. Of course, there was some back and forth after that. Every time, it took the seller's agent days and days to respond to us. There were points when I wanted to talk to the seller's agent myself. I was getting ticked off.

I was lobbying for walking away from the house completely. I didn't need this house. There were others we liked. I felt sorry for our seller. I bet he had no idea that his agent was souring the deal.


  1. That happened to us with a seller's agent here in Fredericksburg! After two weeks, my agent actually went to the broker's office to ask WTF. We ended up in a different house and in hindsight are far better off where we are. You must have been in absolute agony!

  2. Funny thing...when I bought my condo, the investor-owners strung things along, too. Back then, things got to the point that I had to pay a fee to retain my mortgage rate. It was so frustrating!

  3. That is just insane. What was the seller's agent thinking? THREE days?! Ugh. I wouldn't have gotten much sleep in that situation either!

  4. THREE days? She had to go to the seller in person with the offer? She didn't even make a PHONE CALL????????

    I went back and looked at the blog where you wrote about this house. It is dated and that makes me think the person who lived there is either old or deceased and the seller is a family member. Regardless someone is waiting on the money from the sale of this house and not happy about carrying costs or the maintenance.

  5. That is seriously terrible. I have to wonder if the house had been on the market so long simply because the seller's agent was so poor - how many offers did it receive, with buyers who walked away out of frustration? So sad.

  6. wow, know the feeling about the waiting though


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