A Tour of Our New House!

I bet you think that a house that we waited three months to have must be pretty special. Oh, it's special. It's so special that we haven't shown it to anyone yet. I even refused offers we got to help us move because I didn't want to see the looks of horror when people saw this place for the first time.

  • These pictures were taken during our second visit and the inspection.
  • The backyard now features a lot of red clay because of the work that was done on the septic system.
  • The house was not occupied for a year prior to us moving in. It was filthy. More on this soon.
  • The house is not small or chic. More on that soon, too.

Here we go. I'm going to throw these photos in here and then run away and hide so I don't see your panicked faces when you realize what we've taken on.

The First Floor
These were taken moving counter clockwise around the first floor. The entrance hall connects to the kitchen (opposite the front door) and the living room. 

The front door is a massive thing. It actually seems to be two doors that have been attached. The storm door is pretty old school. It's a well made, substantial door, but I'm not crazy about the metal work. I'll have to look into either replacing it or seeing if that metal work is some sort of insert that can be removed.

The living room is a large, sunny room. The floors are original. I know some people hate parquet floors, but they give me a feeling of nostalgia. That's possibly because an aunt might have had them in one of her apartments when I was young. Unfortunately, there are a lot of stains on the floors. They're clearly deep.

You'll notice that there are two kinds of floors on this floor. That's on the list of things to change.

The dining room image below was taken looking back towards the living room. The kitchen is to my back.

The kitchen is a bit unfortunate. It's very dark, yet it has huge sliders to an enclosed porch off the "eat in" area (you can see the reflection of the light in the cabinets that jut out into the room). The appliances were new and the quartz counters were installed in 2007 or 2008.

I thought the quartz counters were pink and a really odd choice. I dug around and found that they are called "Copper Sunset." How lovely. 

The doorway in the far corner goes back to the front hall. The stairs go down to the lower level.

Here's where the difference in my photos is really apparent. The one above was taking during the inspection with a fancy lens I borrowed from a friend (a lens that is worth more than my camera body!).  The image below was taken with one of my lens and without turning the overhead light on. Oops.

The enclosed porch is very sunny and bright, but not insulated too well, so it'll probably be a three season space.

The Second Floor
There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms on the second floor. A two-story addition was built in 2001 or so that added a sunroom off the master bedroom (the first floor part of the addition is a sunroom on the lower level).

There are only seven steps between the first and second floors.

We have a green toilet.  Can you guess what year this house was built?

The first bedroom looks like a graph paper cube. We're pretty sure this was a boy's room.


The second bedroom was used as a master in later years. The floors are trashed. A note left by the seller identifies the source of the stains...his old dog marked it. I can't be mad. Poor thing must have been so old.

The master is quite large and this picture doesn't even show the sunroom, which is off to the right. This room was used as a workshop or office in later years. The finish on the floors on the left side of the room is worn down from an office chair rolling back and forth over time.

The master bathroom is two rooms. The first has a vanity and one of two closets in the master suite. The second has the toilet and shower.

The Lower Level 
This is Marc's favorite part of the house. Another short staircase (this one from the kitchen) leads down to a tiny hallway (more a square landing). There's a bathroom to the right and the living space ahead.

I'm thrilled that this level is above ground. I'm not even calling it a basement. 

The word kegerator has come up a few times.

That's the lower part of the two-story addition that was added.

I think this was billed as another bedroom, but we will probably use it as an office. 

The last room is a huge utility room. After years of setting up my drying rack in the kitchen, I'm excited that there's a dedicated space for laundry!

I don't know if I'll be able to look at your comments as they come in. I know we have A LOT of work to do. We like this house, though. We think it's interesting and had some really cool features that will be even better once we update things.

Over the weekend, I'll put together a floor plan. I know my descriptions didn't really convey the flow of the rooms. I already have some projects to share.

By this time next week, I should have this blog "caught up" to present day. It's a good thing...I'm used to bouncing ideas off people via the blog and I need input on some decisions!


  1. Karen Zack Lydic McAuliffeAugust 5, 2013 at 3:12 PM

    I think buying a house that needs a bit of work is even better. That way you can put your own style into the upgrades and get it just the way you want. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun.

  2. Wow! How exciting! Do you plan on having children?

  3. I'm not horrified, I'm totally excited to see what you do! Better to buy a project house and have fun customizing it than to buy a new construction or updated building with little to work on.

  4. @AppleJam Thank you SO much. I am so touched that you can see what we did...there's so much potential!

  5. @Jeanne Thank you so much! We definitely have a lot to do!

  6. @Jess Aw, your confidence in me surpasses my own!

  7. @Jennifer Walker Ha! You rock for calling it the non-basement. I might go with that.

  8. @mollyml05 That laundry room, despite it not being great condition right now, seriously helped keep me interested when we were going through all the trouble!

  9. @jen fariello Aw, you are too sweet! I hope I can be as happy with the final project as I was with the condo. :)

  10. How great to have so many spaces to remodel and decorate - think of the fun with paint, furniture, accents... can't wait to see it evolve.

  11. @Mariel C. I hope so!!! The kitchen will be a BIG project!

  12. @amanda alger Oh, thank you wanting to follow this train wreck!

  13. I cannot WAIT to see what you come up with. Your turned your condo into a showpiece and I am so sure your vision for this place is spectacular. Looks like so much fun.

  14. Girl you do NOT need to be worried! You will be able to COMPLETELY customize the space, and there's lots of it! I can just imagine how fabulously you're going to whip that kitchen into shape. You've got a good eye for "good bones"

  15. You guys are in for a challenge! I'm excited to see what you will do with this house.

  16. I can understand why you'd be afraid of looks of horror from friends, but I think the place looks amazing (layout, sun, space), and I can already envision what you're going to do with it based on what I already know of your style...

    I'm excited for you, and I can't wait to see what your plans are!

  17. So much space!!! There's a lot of work to do but the house is in the right hands! Congratulations!

  18. Living in a 835 sq ft condo, I'm most jealous of the basement/downstairs area and huge laundry room. You'll love the space and make it your own soon enough. Can't wait to what you do. And Baxter has to be happy about his new yard! Great for entertaining!

  19. Love all the potential of this house! You guys are going to make it look so amazing!

  20. Oodles of potential! And I just *love* the wet bar in the not-a-basement living area :)

  21. I can't wait to see what you do with it! It has some serious potential. And I, too, would be so pumped about a laundry room.

  22. honestly, pics make me want to follow blog even more. although, i couldn't hack it, bet you will have a lot of pride in the final result.

  23. Hooray office space!!

  24. You are so going to turn this place around. I cannot wait to see what all you do, because I know it will be gorgeous!


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