When Your Home Sells Faster Than You Thought it Would

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that Maison Small and Chic is no longer. Closing was Thursday, so I feel I can write about it now.

I was told that selling a house is hell early on. As it turns out, it wasn't hell. I rather enjoyed it. Of course, our place was only on the market for 15 days. In that amount of time, we had three offers. One was weak and we figured it was from someone who probably thought we were in distress. The other two were solid and we went with the one that seemed to have the better timing for us.

Using DocuSign, everything was done very quickly and without ceremony. I had been expecting a few months of showings, but we wound up with a contract after one open house and six showings. There were three other units in the same condo complex on the market at the time, but after peeking into one during an open house and noticing that some of the listings used images of the old model unit, I think it's safe to say that our place showed much better. We definitely had the best bathroom in the neighborhood.

When the contract was ratified, I gave myself permission to eat one of the cookies I had made for visitors. The seller's agent joked that I could have a real estate cookie business.

We had started packing before our listing went live on the MLS. We kept going through things methodically and making trips to Marc's storage unit with non-essentials. Knowing that Marc sometimes has trouble identifying which box in the storage unit holds a specific item, I made sure the labels on the boxes are large and specific. I also numbered the boxes that went into storage so I'd know if one didn't come back right away.

I'm a big fan of the large rolls of plastic cling wrap that movers use. When I moved to Virginia in 2005, the movers thought I had brought in professionals because I wrapped everything using blankets and that cling wrap. I was pretty proud of my skills.

I was most worried about moving our china and crystal, most of which we got as wedding presents. My aunt had given us the quilted containers used to store crystal stemware, but we needed more "dish packs" for our everyday glasses. When Marc saw that they were $15 each at the hardware store, he decided to try his hand at making them himself.

We wound up being able to move over the course of a few days, so we did all of the work ourselves. I feel as though it's almost a luxury to move this way. There was no need to get everything out at once.

As things slowly disappeared, Baxter became a little worried. Towards the end, he started to stay by one of us at all times. I think the poor little guy didn't want to be left behind.

Trying to put the brakes on the move

It was kind of funny to ride behind my furniture on the way out of the neighborhood. Below is the dining table and two boxwoods I bought in 2009.

Here's what they looked like back when I got them (in much smaller planters):

Moving the china cabinet and dresser made me so nervous. Marc was confident that we could move everything in either his truck or my SUV. I had my doubts and he later confessed that he have a few himself, but everything fit.

Not the most professional looking packing job this time around, I know. It worked, though. Baxter realized that the red quilt was a key component to moving precious cargo.

You won't forget me, right?

My Alma Maters also helped a little bit. These blankets used to be padding for Baxter's dog bed!

Olivia and Bell were the last things to go. Each got her own ride alone in the car.

Then it was time to clean, washing windows and floors, and get the last bits of our things out of the condo. Towards the end, I got a little sad about the move. We've been so happy in this space. I've loved being able to make it into something pretty and comfortable over the years. This was a wonderful home.

There are things I wish I had done...I forgot to really scrub under the sink and the tub. Marc grabbed a light bulb at the last minute that I mean to leave for our seller (one that fits in the kitchen light). I wish I had time to wash down the patio. I wish the paint from the bedroom wasn't in storage so I could have done some more touch ups in there.

But there's no point in dwelling on all that. We've moved on.

Of course, I'm leaving out the other side of this process and that's for another post that might be a bit difficult for me to write. They say you can't be emotional about houses and I think that I have been fine with not being overly attached to any house we've seen. I am emotional about money and that part of this whole process has caused more sleepless nights (I'm writing this at a time when I'd usually be sleeping deeply) than selling did.

In time, I'll be able to share a "part two" to this post. For now, I might try to post about some other topics.

Time to go.


  1. Excellent list, thank you for taking the time to write it out. I am certain it will help people.Sharon Bush

  2. Congrats on your quick sale! Many blessings on the next part of your journey....

  3. What a bittersweet journey! I can't wait to see the new place! Baxter is the cutest. Ever.

  4. So funny - we have a lot in common when selling a house! :) I left our house in pristine shape because I loved it so much. I magic erased the scuff marks in the closets and touched up the trim where the movers scuffed things. I left a card and champagne and may or may not still do drive-bys to make sure that our buyers are taking care of my baby! So, I totally understand! I can't wait to hear about the new place, but take your time. We'll be here! xxoo

  5. I can't wait to see your new place!

  6. yay on selling quickly!
    baxter is super cute and reminds me so much of our golden cooper.

  7. I'm glad the move wasn't too painful, and Baxter is adorable.

  8. Congratulations! I'm looking forward to your new house adventures.


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