The Charlottesville Design House is on the Market!

I wrote about the Wall Street Journal's coverage of design houses from a real estate angle yesterday and mentioned that this year's Charlottesville Design House was rumored to be going on the market once the event was over. Well, that rumor was true and the house was listed a couple weeks ago.

As I clicked through the PDFs of the site plan on the listing, I got excited to see the pictures. A home listed at $3.5 million would surely be presented in an impressive way on the MLS. After all, professional photographer Robert Radifera had photographed the house for the Shelter for Help in Emergency, the charity that organizes the Charlottesville Design House. I shared a few of his images back in May. One was so beautiful I almost bought the etagere featured! Remember this image?

I was so surprised by the images on the listing. The professional photos weren't used! All of the pictures were "point and shoot" type photos that didn't do the house justice or show off the amazing work of all those talented designers.

Here's the room that has that beautiful, gold etagere in it, a room by U-Fab. Check out this post on their blog for some better images.

There was a landscape architect, Heather Williams, involved in the Design House, too. There were some interesting plantings and sculptures around the outside of the house.

Design Houses can sell houses, but they don't guarantee a sale. I hope someone who loves the house comes through and buys it, but I also wish it was presented a bit better in the MLS listing.


  1. Thanks for visiting! The charity, the Shelter for Help in Emergency, is wonderful and I think they were thankful for the beautiful space. I hope the added visibility will bring them more donations. :)

  2. The owner, who I have run into before, is out of his mind. Good luck to him. He owes your charity a cut if the place sells because he's done nothing to make that happen.

  3. It was an investment property, per other volunteers at the Design House. Apparently, he lives down the street.
    Two homes in Farmington...impressive!

  4. The funniest part: the listing agent is the owner!

    -Katie at AdventuringAtHome

  5. These pictures make this house look dark and awful. Shame on the realtor - borrow an DSLR for goodness sake!


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