Designer Show Houses in the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal just reported what so many of us know already: a show house can sell a home. In some areas, real estate agents consider it a coup to get a design house to take over a listing. While the home generally comes off the market for a period while designers do their thing, but once installation is over, thousands of people come streaming through the doors. WSJ describes a design house as an open house for 10,000.

 Image by Annie Tritt for the Wall Street Journal

We might not have 10,000 coming through the Charlottesville Design House, but the homes used in the past have been on the market. The first year, a friend of mine wound up buying the house. In subsequent years, I don't think the houses sold. While I was volunteering this year, the rumor floating around the house was at this was an investment property and would be put on the market shortly. More on that tomorrow.

 Image by Cassandra Giraldo for the Wall Street Journal

Anyway, the WSJ article includes a slideshow of pictures from design houses around the country. I loved flipping through.

Camille Saum at the DC Design House
Image by Stephen Voss for the Wall Street Journal


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