Runway to Real Way, the Home Edition

My friend Senem sent this picture to me by text one day saying "what do you think?"

I thought she wanted me to fawn over the cute dog on the steps, but she was actually thinking of painting the risers on the stairs at her house and was looking for inspiration. The picture above is from Real Simple magazine.

The stairs at Senem's house are a little dark and she thought they could use some cheerful paint. I thought painting the risers was a solid idea, but I wasn't sure teal was the right hue for the space.

After poring over sample strips at the paint store, Senem narrowed the color options down to three: pink, kelly green, and purple. Ultimately, she selected five shades of pink to use so that there'd be a color change on every fourth step. She just picked a paint strip that she liked and eliminated the second deepest shade from the group.

A day later, she sent another picture by text, this one including her papillon, Lucky.

Senem's three girls love the colors and she's thrilled that the quick project adds a little cheer to a space that was a little dark before.


  1. I love this! I'm preparing to paint my front hall and I'm thinking about parchment for the walls, with white trim, but this is a fun way to bring color to the space. I might try it!

  2. This is awesome! What a fun idea.

  3. Aw, I love this! Our stairs are carpeted, but someday I'd love to have wood steps. (Carpet + cat = it's super hard to clean the stairs.)

  4. I thought it was adorable!

    We don't have any stairs right now, but I always look at staircase projects wistfully. Someday...


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