Not Today

I have some things to share, but haven't felt like the timing was right. After the events in Boston yesterday, it seems so silly and frivolous to post about furniture and paint colors.

To be honest, I found myself a bit ticked off that my blog reader was full of posts about stuff that just doesn't matter today. Maybe those bloggers are trying to provide a distraction. Maybe they are from far away and don't feel affected by what happened. I've let go of that ticked off feeling and am trying to be a little understanding.

For Boston, for Boston,
For Thee and Thine alone.


  1. It definitely puts things in perspective. However, I also think the more power we give these terrorist events by letting them disrupt our lives and having 100% media circus about them the more they will happen. Of course my heart goes out to those victims and families.

  2. Couldn't agree more with your sentiments. So heartbreaking.

  3. I agree. I can understand wanting the distraction, but I keep thinking about the marathon. So sad.

  4. Agreed 1000%


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