Selling our Charlottesville Condo

In case you haven't figured it out yet, we're putting the condo on the market. I adore this place. I originally picked our community, Walker Square, because it was within walking distance of everything - my work, downtown, and entertainment (Starr Hill Music Hall used to be across the street and has since been replaced by restaurants). When I got a dog a few years after living here, I realized how pet-friendly the community is and became close with my dog owning neighbors. This is a wonderful home.

There are times, though, that I wish we had a little more outdoor space (we have a patio and I garden in containers). Though we could technically get a second dog (plenty of neighbors have two), I'm not sure it would be fair to have two goldens in our space. The idea of getting another big dog isn't driving us to sell, but having just a little bit more space would make for a better situation for all involved.

I love living in the city of Charlottesville, but we think it might be time to move on. I'm sad, but also excited about what could be around the bend. I only hope someone will love this place and all of the improvements we've made over the years as much as we do.

For the first time, here's a walk through our entire home. I show bits and pieces on the blog all the time, but I've never shown it all, even on the House Tour page.

The trim on the kitchen cabinets isn't permanent, so if someone wanted that space to display or store things, they could take it down. I have a few things hiding up there. I also put some puck lights in on the left side, but never use them, so I forgot to turn them on for this picture!



  1. I am a resident of Walker Square! So sad you are gone! Do you know of a reasonable priced handyman?
    Single Lady in need of extra shelving

  2. I can't believe how FANTASTIC your place looks! It's amazing what you really can do in a small space. I wish I wasn't renting so that I could have more freedom with light fixtures, colors, etc. Sad to see you go from that cute place!

  3. Your house looks beautiful. That bathroom looks out of this world.

  4. Thank you so much, B! We've worked so hard on it.

    Let me know when you're doing a bathroom. I think I love working on them!

  5. Jeannine- it's absolutely gorgeous, and even more so when it's all together in one post like this! And your bathroom is my dream bathroom, I've decided!

  6. Whatever do you mean? My home looks like this every single day! ;)

  7. Raina @ If the Lamp Shade FitsAugust 5, 2013 at 3:10 PM

    You've made a truly lovely home *and* mastered the art of staging! You will get top dollar, I'm sure.


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