On the Market, Week 1

The condo's been on the market for a week, but the snow storm that hit the mid-Atlantic took a lot of people off-line Wednesday and Thursday. So, this has been a pretty easy week. Since the brokers' open house on Tuesday, we've enjoyed our squeaky clean home without much interruption.

My thoughts might change after a while, but I've decided that living in a home on the market is a little bit like living in a store. I don't mind it at all...yet.

I've taken to checking out the MLS daily now and I'm amazed by the pictures on some listings. There are two other condos in my area on the market. The listing for one only shows pictures of our clubhouse, pool, and two closeup pictures of counters in the model unit that was here in 2005. The other listing, for a smaller unit, only has one, exterior photo.

When I took the photos for our listing, I took pictures of what I'd want to see - a walk through the condo, with images taken from multiple angles, and all closets shown. I'm always trying to imagine how my things would fit in a house I see on the MLS and it's amazing that many listings don't let you do that because they only show bits and pieces of rooms.

Any thoughts on what it's like to live in a home that's on the market? How about your take on MLS photos?


  1. Eileen @ Lobster Meets PeachAugust 5, 2013 at 3:09 PM

    When a MLS listing has little or no photos I see a big "red flag." It is like the seller is trying to hide something. So for that reason I say the more photos the better!

  2. For us, pictures help us decide if we will go see a home in person. There are many homes in our price range and the listing picture put a home on the list or off.
    A super low price without pictures of the complete home on the listing would make me wonder if there is something to hide in the home.
    Obviously, everyone's home buying/selling process is different, which is why I'm enjoying blogging about ours and reading blogs about others' experiences.

  3. Our condo was listed on a Wednesday but we only allowed showings on Saturday and Sunday. The listing price of our condo was competitive with the listing prices of other condos in our condominium (which were both had one less bedroom and few uprgrades). A bidding war started that weekend and we accepted an all cash offer (that was more than asking price) on Monday.

  4. Hm. I think what you and your realtor put together is just stunning, but then, so is your home itself. I think the quality of photos and marketing materials directly relates to the level of detail that the homeowner pays to the design, etc. To me, the poorly photographed - or not photographed - homes on the market are usually in need of TLC. I'd still go to view them, because when/if we buy, we'll be looking for a bargain priced project house. But it is shocking to see what people think will pass as marketing for their house.
    Good luck living in your show-ready house! You seem organized and calm enough to pull it off.

  5. We sent quite a bit to storage and I'm really pleased...it helps you see what you really don't need to have in your possession. We might get rid of some things we put into storage as a result!
    We saw a home today with only three interior images on the listing (we had time to kill before the open house at another property began). There's a good reason there were only three photos!

  6. We're considering putting our place on the market soon. I'm not at all looking forward to living in a place staged for showings. It seems like it will be frustrating because we'll have to put a decent amount of stuff in storage.

    And you're right about listing photos. I am amazed by the number of places on the market that have like 4 photos that are all dark and low-resolution. It makes SUCH a difference to have good photography.

  7. Pictures help, but price matters more.

  8. Raina @ If the Lamp Shade FitsAugust 5, 2013 at 3:10 PM

    I think if you have an eye for design, bad photos aren't an issue. Bu that's like less than 1% percent of the population. We had a professional interiors photographer shoot our place last year, and - WOW - did he do a great job. My hubs said it looked like we lived in a magazine feature. We're totally going to use the same photographer this time around. For the 99%.

  9. When we were in the process of buying a home, we marked a lot off of the list just because we had no idea what they looked like inside from the terrible MLS listings. The 1920s home we bought only had a picture of the downstairs bathroom which was built to look like an outhouse (for a mancave...apparently they thought that was clever). They neglected to show the fireplaces, hardwood floors, built-ins, wrap-around porch, etc. What are people thinking? Do they actually WANT to sell their homes? The more pictures, the better....I'm with you!


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