Removing my Monogram

I'm sick as a dog right now and have a lot on my to-do list, so I just have a quick post to share this little task I completed over the weekend.

I love monograms. I didn't particularly love my original monogram because the letters didn't intersect nicely. My married monogram is delightfully swirly. After a few months of ignoring my maiden monogram on my towels, I decided it was time to move on.

A few quick snips under the threads of the monogram and I was able to slip a craft tool under a letter.

With a gentle tug, the letter starts to unravel.

I flipped back and forth between the front and the back of the towel to grab any stray threads and the fabric backing that is used with the monogram machine.

The monogram is still pretty evident once the thread is gone. Rubbing the towel against itself helps get the terry cloth fluffed up again.

Throw the towel in the next load of laundry and evidence of the monogram disappears almost completely.

All that's left is the thread and fabric backing.

When your initials changed, did you get rid of anything you had monogrammed?


  1. No way! I kept everything with my old monogram, just because a letter in my name changed doesn't mean the monogram is out dated. Its perfectly acceptable to use things with a maiden monogram. Both my mother and grandmother use lots of items with their old monograms, I love the look of them!

  2. As a feminist I hate the inherent misogyny of changing my name - so this really isn't relatable. I would be open to both my husband I changing to an agreed upon, new last name, but I did not change my last name upon marriage. We have monogramed items with each of our last names and our monogram is four initials: my first and last, then his first and last - with the last name letters in a larger font.

  3. Raina @ If the Lamp Shade FitsAugust 5, 2013 at 3:10 PM

    Being of the Hebraic persuasion, I monogram everything J-E-W.



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