Love for Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams

A few months ago, Marc settled into a sofa in a store while I looked around. When I circled back to get him, Marc was seriously admiring the sofa. He was in love with Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams' Liam sofa in leather.  I don't blame him. It's a pretty awesome looking sofa.

 I personally like it in this beautiful, blue velvet. 
Marc liked it so much that it inspired him to create a Pinterest account and pin it to a "want" board. That's some serious love. Our place is too small for a second sofa and I'm not ready to give up my slip covered Alexa just yet.

I find myself clicking around the MG+BW website pretty regularly now. I love how versatile their line is.

There's that Liam sofa again!

 I also love how the company operates. They feel strongly about keeping production in North Carolina and they take care of their staff.

MG+BW stores are also pet friendly and they included dogs in their ads for years. When their original dog, Lulu died, I have to admit that I was a little sad.

If you don't have a MG+BW store near you, check their website. There are independent stores that carry their line all over the county.  If you're in Charlottesville, our local source is Quince Designs. Quince is between locations right now, but owner Sharon Manering will set up an appointment to peruse the line and go over all the fabric options. She's also running a 20% off sale right now!

Quince Designs
(434) 296-0062

(no perks here...just wanted to share!)


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