Kelly Wearstler is Launching a Registry

Most of us design bloggers are nerds for Kelly Wearstler. Even if our own homes are traditional and safe, we can't help but admire her gutsy, often intense interiors. We think about what we'd do if we procured a couple yards of her [sooper dopper expensive] fabric or how some of her jewelry might make our J. Crew and Anthro a little more hip.

She's damn cool. Even though I wouldn't do any of this stuff to my place, I like looking at it.

 And I think that I could probably enjoying spending some time in the spaces she's done for stores and hotels. 

BG Restaurant at Bergdorf Goodman From Complex Globe Magazine 

When I got an email about Kelly Wearstler launching a registry service, I was intrigued. Obviously, brides are the target for this, but it would be a fun way to maintain a wishlist.  

Kelly Wearstler is currently developing her first bridal registry which will officially launch Spring 2013 on Kelly The Kelly Wearstler gift registry provides registry customers the opportunity to browse through Kelly Wearstler’s entire online product library and add items from home, ready to wear, as well as Kelly Wearstler’s collection of fine china for Pickard Fine China.
Once a gift registry is created an email can be quickly created and sent to friends and family with a visual list of all the items chosen. Customers have the ability to create unlimited gift registries through a Kelly Wearstler customer account which makes editing and adding event registry details a seamless process. 

It didn't even occur to me to consider Pickard china (the company that makes Wearstler's china) for my registry because it isn't carried in too, too many places. I wish I had! Check these out:

 I love that dot pattern, called Trousdale and the ikat is awesome!

But while the registry is targeted at brides, anyone will be able to create one and add items from across Wearstler's different lines.  Pretty cool.

Anyone else a Wearstler fan?

UDPATE: The registry page is live!

(No perks here...just thought this was cool news)


  1. I loved my pattern, but I agree! I love the dot set above!

    I picked out my pattern over a year ago ( but then realized that I had posted it on the blog back in 2010 (! Crazy!

  2. I loved my pattern, but I agree! I love the dot set above!

    I picked out my pattern over a year ago but then realized that I had posted it on the blog back in 2010. Crazy!

  3. Raina @ If the Lamp Shade FitsAugust 5, 2013 at 3:10 PM

    She's one smart (and extremely talented) lady.

  4. Damn straight. She needs a reality show so we can stalk her better. ;)

  5. The picture with the oranges is fabulous-the china is really cool of course, but the use of the cockscomb flowers is what really caught my eye!

  6. It's interesting to see them used alone, isn't it? You usually see them mixed into arrangements. I like them, too! :)

  7. After all the wedding blogs I've read and registry options I've searched through, this post is the first time I've ever liked a china pattern. I would totally use that dot pattern!


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