Felt Flower Heart Tutorial

Marc has really taken to Cookie Doe, the ceramic deer head his mother gave me for Christmas. Technically, Cookie isn't a doe because of the antlers, but we're ignoring that detail.

 After decorating Cookie for Christmas, Marc asked if I would be dressing her up for other holidays. I was reminded of the Edgar Allen Poe bust at the local University's library that gets dressed up for different occasions.

I imagined making flowers that had hearts as petals and searched around the web for some sort of tutorial. I found tons of fabric flower tutorials, but nothing that fit exactly what I had in mind. All those tutorials helped me figure out how I'd proceed, though. 

Felt isn't something I keep around, so I had to go out to the craft store to pick up a couple sheets of the stuff for this. I bought red and pink, thinking I'd combine the two. So far, I've only made red flowers, but I might make a few two-color flowers just to try them out.

I pulled a box out of the recycling bin and made two heart templates, one small and one large. Then I got to tracing and cutting felt. I strung each heart onto some embroidering floss I had leftover from another project.

 Once I had ten hearts strung, I decided to make the first flower. After this, I decided that I wanted my flowers bigger and more shaggy, so I added a few more hearts to the string.

Sliding the hearts together, the flower starts to take shape.

After repositioning a few hearts, I died a knot and had a flower.

I'm not quite done with the flowers, but Cookie's twig antlers are looking pretty cute right now.

I'm not one for going over-the-top with decorations for holidays, but I'm loving how these turned out and have already started thinking about the next holiday. Are you a holiday decorator or do you keep things simple?


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