Before, After, and After in the Dining Room

Our dining table is in a nook-like space. I hesitate to say I have a dining room or even an alcove. It's a space or an area.

The view from the front door originally looked like this:

After an upstairs neighbor had a leak that ruined our floors, we installed eco-friendly, FSC Certified flooring from the green builder supply in Charlottesville. I loved the deep, chocolate color.

I can finally share a few wide-angle pictures that give a better view of the space.

I'm having so much fun with this wide-angle lens!


  1. You have such a tastefully decorated place!!! Where is the eggs in the nest painting from?

    1. Those were from a little art show I went to. The artist is in Richmond, but I don't think she paints anymore because I tried to get another one last year. :(

  2. Wide angle lenses are so amazing, I only wish I could master getting sharper photos with mine. I am really picky and hate soft photos! I also love your dining area, it is like a showroom.

    1. The real estate photog I know takes pictures at multiple exposures and then layers them. I bet that helps with the fuzziness, especially around windows and lights


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