Baxter in Cville Weekly's Unions Magazine (kind of)

I get calls from reporters fairly regularly, but they usually want to talk about what I do for work. Several weeks ago, I was surprised that a reporter called to talk about Baxter's involvement in our wedding. She was writing a short piece for Cville Weekly's wedding magazine, Unions, about dogs being part of a couple's wedding day. I chatted with her for a while, hung up, and forgot about it.  This is my busy season at work and I don't have much head space for other things right now.

I saw Unions at the grocery store about a week ago and remembered the phone call.I grabbed the issue and flipped through. I was so surprised to find that the whole piece was about our experience having Baxter in our wedding!

There were also some adorable pictures of dogs taken at wedding around our region. 

Anyone else out there have their dog in their wedding? How did it go? Any advice for others considering it?

Baxter in our wedding / Photo by Elisa Bricker


  1. Bummed to not see a photo of Baxter in the article. He looked so dashing.

  2. Hi!

    I was wondering who you used in Cville to bring Baxter home after the wedding? I have contacted one place, and they never got back to me when I asked them for a contract. Any suggestions?



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