The Menagerie Grows!

Last week, I showed you around Sisters Unique, a great home store in Newport News, VA. Among the many things I admired during my last visit were some ceramic deer head vases.  Some of the vases mounted on the wall and others were for the table top.  I thought the wall mount ones were kind of funny, especially with twigs coming out of their holes as antlers.

 It turns out that while I was wandering around the store taking pictures, my mother-in-law was buying one of the deer heads for me. Her office was nearby, so she must have made arrangements to pick it up another day.

Right after Christmas, Cookie Doe (I know a doe doesn't have antlers, but Marc came up with that name and it stuck) went up on the wall over our TV.

Even though it was after Christmas, I decided to deck Cookie out with some ornaments.

I thought a little color might look nice, so I added the ornament wreath I made a few years ago using Eddie Ross' tutorial.

 Cookie's back to just having twig antlers right now. Marc's already asking if I'm going to do something to her for every holiday, though. I have a few ideas in the works.


  1. I just went and checked them out! Love them!

    Mine doesn't have a label on it. I know Sisters Unique has more of them...maybe they can ship?

  2. Have you seen them at Z Gallerie? They're similar, but don't have the holes. I've been thinking about buying one for a while, but I like these ones better. Any idea of the name of the company? I don't live in Virginia.

  3. Jenna {preppy dreamer}August 5, 2013 at 3:11 PM

    She's adorable! I've been thinking of getting one of the cardboard ones like on YHL, but I like this better!


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