"Small Spaces" in Magazines and Catalogs

I love living small.  Sure, there are times when our little place can feel a little cramped (like when a chunk of natural light is blocked by a Christmas tree), but living small fits our lifestyle.

When shelter magazines and catalogs make references to small spaces, I usually get excited.  Sometimes, they show modest spaces with fantastic organization and design.  Sometimes, their have good intentions, but the small spaces don't really qualify as small.  I wrote about Restoration Hardware starting a "we can do small" campaign a while back and they still have a "small space" link on their website. 

Today, I opened this new issue of Country Living and on the Table of Contents page, there was a description of the cover image.  Apparently, this is a nook:

To be fair, I haven't gotten to the feature that shows the rest of this home yet.  It might be a massive estate where this big, bright space is truly a nook.  But when I think of nooks, I think of cute, little spots where a couple people can read the paper and have their morning coffee.  The nook above looks large enough to fit most people's dining room tables.



  1. Raina @ If the Lamp Shade FitsAugust 5, 2013 at 3:12 PM

    The funny thing is most magazine writers are usually paid a pittance and live in "small spaces," too. Why the disconnect I wonder?


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