From Weddingbee: A Dress Change, An Entrance, and a First Dance

As our guests moved from the cocktail hour on Pippin Hill's patio back into the granary for dinner, my bridesmaids and I went up to the bridal loft for my dress change.

I wrote about having a second dress just after our wedding.  At my first fitting with the Jorge Manuel gown I won, my seamstress made it sound like she was going to dismantle the gown to alter it and preserve the fabric flowers on the bodice. Worried about the outcome, I bought a sample dress at a deep discount to have as a backup. When I saw Jorge a few weeks before the wedding, he said that he liked it when brides change dresses and I decided to use both gowns.

Amsale's Kennedy gown

Along with the dress change, I decided to change shoes.  My ceremony shoes were simple and I thought it'd be fun to wear some more sparkly shoes for the reception.

 The picture below shows the bustle in it's best form. My steamstress told me that were was an extra tie to get that little sweep train tucked away after our first dance. My bridesmaids did their best getting it tied, but it looked a bit wonky.  Oh well. For the most part, we were dancing after that so it didn't really matter.

Marc had no idea there was a second dress.  To be honest, I think he was a little relieved.  He has told me that he preferred my Jorge Manuel gown, but was glad he didn't have to dance with it since it was a bit poufy. 

I've surprised myself with how little I've talked about music as a bee blogger.  Marc and I met at a concert.  We travel to shows or festivals and many of our friends to the same. 

The music for our entrance was set very early in our planning.  We knew we wanted to start the reception with Phish's Tweezer Reprise, a song we love that often gets us (and the crowds at Phish shows) amped up.  The guys at call it "the thrilling exclamation point at the end of a raging, set-long sentence."

Our favorite version of Tweezer Reprise actually has a train wreck in the middle of it.  Phish played the song twice once. The energy is great, but the start of the second "lap" is a bit messy.  We wanted the beginning of the first song merged with the end of the second.  I thought I was asking a lot of DJ Derek Tobler, but he fit the two together beautifully, even though the two versions are at slightly different tempos.

We told the kids to dance and be of our nephews ran straight to his seat, but the others made it to the dance floor. I don't think our flower girl quite understood what this part was all about.  After all, we were just in this same space an hour prior for the ceremony.

Our bridesmaids and groomsmen walked in while the song was still building up. I think DJ Best Man (Marc's radio co-host) was most excited about this song selection. We often go to shows with Dr. Bridesmaid and GM Blue (in the middle below) and we're bummed we don't have a picture catching them dancing on the way out. 

This part was a total blur to me.  We walked in and everyone jumped up around us.  In the picture below, I can see a friend who is an image consultant and fashion blogger talking to someone else at her table and I'm 99% sure she realized I had changed dresses. 

We decided to go straight into the first dance song. The weddings I've been to back home had dancing right away and an announcement was made to send people back to their tables for salads and dinner.  Here in Virginia, every wedding we've attended has started with dinner, with the first dance coming a bit late in the night. The dance floor always seemed off limits until the couple had their first dance.

Happily, Derek is from a place where first dances "start" the reception and was happy to have a short dance set before dinner.

Our first dance song was another one that need a little editing.  Someone told us to keep the first dance to two minutes or less and Derek edited another long Phish song down to a tight 2:15.

If you don't know the lyrics, the refrain "come waste your time with me" might seem really strange, but we see it as a sweet song (we clearly like the more optimistic interpretations of it).

Part of me wanted to run and jump into Marc's arms for the big crescendo of the song.  Yeah, that didn't happen.  Something about having over 100 sets of eyes on you can make you a big chicken and a tad self-conscious.  

Our little bridal party joined in the dancing at the end of the song. 

It was short, sweet, and simple.  No choreography, no big surprises, just us and one of our favorite songs. 

I couldn't believe how quickly this evening was going.  I wanted to slow the clocks down.  Before we knew it, it was time for dinner and some toasts.

All images by Elisa B Photography

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