Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Baker Now Selling Floor Samples Online

Just a few weeks ago, I wrote about the Baker Furniture store in Georgetown and how they have a basement full of floor samples that are for sale at a discount. Today comes word that Baker is jumping into selling samples online!

Some of the prices are AMAZING. 

This chair is $500, which is 95% off the original retail.

Here's one for $200, which is 96% off retail.  Baker furniture for $200!

A sofa for $1,000.  That's 93% off retail.  Can you even get a sofa from Pottery Barn for that much?

$700 (86% off retail)

$1,420 (68% off retail)

$200 (78% off retail)

$200 (84% off retail)

This is a moment when I wish I hadn't committed to living small.

Update: I feel I have to add this as a caveat emptor.  My aunt went into the Baker showroom in Manhattan (at the New York Design Center) and an item she saw on Baker's Odds and Ends was there, marked down to the same price as online.

It was a good deal, but the deal evaporated when they said they wanted to charge $350 plus a freight fee to deliver the table to her building, which is 1.7 miles away on the Upper East Side. 
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Emperor's New Clothes?

When I was young, I loved the story of The Emperor's New Clothes.  When things remind me of the story, I have to laugh.  We sometimes get caught up in some silly things, don't we?

A friend post a link to a story on the UK's Daily Mail website (I think it's kind of like the Daily News in the UK...not the most serious paper) and at the bottom, there was a link to a "related story."  That related story was about reusable lunch bags.  I'm on board.  We had lunch boxes as kids and I had a reusable lunch bag when I was in high school.  I sometimes use one today.  The lunch bags in the story were a bit pricey, though.

For $290, you can have a Jil Sander reusable lunch bag that looks exactly like a brown, paper bag.  I'm sure the material is very nice, but I'm not sure anything that looks like a paper bag should cost $290.

This is actually the second time Jil Sander has done this.  Check out what you could buy for about $150 last year:

A plastic bag.
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Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to the gallery wall

I've been in a bit of a project slump lately.  Perhaps I'm dealing with post-wedding blues.  Marc predicted that it would hit me, but he thought it would be over the lack of little projects that kept me busy over the last year.  Instead, I find myself dealing with regrets, big and small, about our day.  The day flew by and I feel as though things happened around me even though I was in the center of it all, I feel as though everything was happening to me and I wasn't necessarily participating. It was a surreal day and I think took a back seat because I assumed what was happening was how it was supposed to be.

I pulled myself out of the slump last weekend while Marc was away on a business trip.  I made a mental list of projects to complete by the time he got home on Sunday night.  One of the tasks on my list dealt with one of my favorite wedding details, the boutonnieres I made for our nephews, who served as ring bearers.  You may remember the tutorial I wrote for that little project back in January:

The boys loved their little puppies.  They loved then so much that they plucked them right off the ribbon rosettes when we put them on their vests.  Silly me!  I secured the porcelain puppies with hot glue and felt they were secure, but I didn't really think about tiny hands playing with them!  Our Day of Coordinator quickly sewed the puppies back into place and the boys looks great when it was time to walk down the aisle.

At the end of the night, one of my sisters-in-law left me one of the boutonnieres and I decided to mount it in a small Ikea frame.  This was so easy that I don't even feel the need to post step-by-step pictures.  I think you can fill in the blanks.

 First, I found some of the liners that were used in our wedding invitations envelopes and I cut one to be the background in the frame.

A few minutes with my hot glue gun and the boutonniere was mounted in the frame.  It's already hung on my gallery wall (the tiny hallway outside our bathroom), but I'm going to hold off on showing you the wall until later this week.  I've been doing a bit of work on it!

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Baxter's Return to the Desire to Inspire blog

Though this blog isn't too old, I've been blogging for a long time and reading blogs for even longer.  I've seen many blogs and blog series come and go.  One that seems as popular today as when it was introduced is Desire to Inspire's Pets on Furniture series.  It started in 2009 with a few pictures of a German shepherd on a chair.  I couldn't resist commenting on that post and sharing pictures of my own dog sitting on some furniture.  Those pictures wound up on Desire to Inspire a couple days later and the Pets on Furniture series began.  Every Monday, a new installment is posted.

We actually don't let Baxter on furniture very often.  We've trained him to wait for permission to come on the bed and sometimes have to convince him a couple times that it's really okay to join us.

We tend to stay at Kimpton Hotels (the entire brand is pet friendly) when we travel and he seems to know that the rules are different when we get to our room.  He helps himself to chairs, benches, and lounges.

Last weekend, Marc took me to Washington, DC for my birthday and we stayed at Kimpton's newest acquisition, the Donovan House hotel.  The property doesn't seem 100% "Kimpton-fied" yet (it's a little rough around the edges), but Baxter knew it was a Kimpton nonetheless and helped himself to a chair.

I cheated a little bit and held a treat in my hand while I took these photos.  

I couldn't remember when I had originally submitted to Desire to Inspire, but I knew it was time to submit again.  To my surprise, Baxter is the first dog on this week's Pets on Furniture post.  

Isn't he cute?  

Happy Monday!
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Friday, August 10, 2012

What's missing in this hotel room?

I went to a conference at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel a few weeks ago and just flipping through the pictures I took of my room.  It's a fairly standard, modern hotel room, but I realized that something was missing.  I'm wondering if you notice what I did...

 The room had no art.  Thinking about it, the only art I can remember in the entire hotel was a massive Chihuly piece in the lobby (I like Chihuly) and some pretty paintings in one of the restaurants. 

The overall feel of the conference center is surreal.  I don't think I stepped outside until the final night of the conference.  Some people were calling it a biodome.

That's a two story restaurant on the right side.

Taken from the balcony on the 2nd story of the restaurant in the first picture.

They had some interesting decor ideas.

The food was pretty good for a conference center.  I went to a nice cocktail party and a wonderful group dinner at one of the restaurants.

This conference is being held at another Gaylord conference center next year (in Orlando).  It'll be interesting to compare properties.

I believe Blogher or She Blogs or one of those blogger conferences was at this place a while back.  Did anyone go?  What did you think of it?
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Monday, August 6, 2012

The Secret Spot for Bargains in Georgetown

If you love furniture, you might know this beautiful store in Georgetown that has become one of my favorite stops when I'm in DC.

This is the Baker furniture store.  Baker is part of the Kohler group and their amazing pieces are all made in the United States.  They work with designers like Thomas Pheasant, Jacques Garcia, Barbara Barry, and Michael S. Smith to produce a number of lines.

Going to the Baker store for me is bittersweet.  There is a lot to see in their two story showroom and the prices match the quality.  I don't own any Baker items. 

On one visit, I started chatting with a saleswoman about how much I liked their furniture, but wasn't really in their target market.  She introduced me to the store's big secret.  Back behind the stairs, there's an elevator.

If you get on the elevator and take it to the basement...

You'll wind up in the most interesting place.

This is where floor models go to rest.  I won't say they go here to die because they are in excellent shape.  This is a Baker store, not Pottery Barn, after all.  Strollers haven't bumped into these pieces. Exhausted husbands haven't napped on these pieces.  They're retired from the floor and are just waiting for someone to take them to their next home.

Most items are marked down considerably.  Some items don't have prices yet and the staff will "work something out" if you are interested.  I once showed interest in a beautiful Thomas Pheasant sofa and by the time the saleswoman stopped jabbing at the numbers on her calculator, she had taken the price down to about 30% of retail (not off...of).  I'm not suggesting that I had a normal experience, but they seem eager to help those who are interested. 

On this trip, we found the basement full of chairs.  I saw items from almost every Baker line that I know, from Barbara Barry to McGuire.  

I wish I had thought to take a picture of the white, iron chair that's kind of in the shot below.  That's one of two Tony Duquette Organic Baroque Chairs that were in the basement.

Want to see some prices?

I've loved this McGuire chair since I first saw it. $3,925 is still a bit too steep for me.

Have you ever been to Baker's basement?  Will you go now?

Baker Furniture
3330 M Street NW  
Washington, DC 20007
(202) 342-7080
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