Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An Unexpected Surprise

When I originally told her that I was totally against bringing lighting into our venue, a friend asked me what I had against lighting. Thinking about it, I felt a little silly.  After all, we follow a band whose lighting guy is deemed the fifth member of the band. People actually shoot video of him working at shows.  Having stood under his lights quite a few times in my life, unable to blink for fear of missing a second of the show, I think it's safe to say that I'm a fan of lights. 

Unfortunately, when I think of lights at weddings, my Jersey roots come out and I picture ballrooms with bold hues reaching every single corner. The rooms are literally washed in purple or pink or blue. The feel is almost theatrical.

That's fine for a hotel or banquet hall, but it seems totally out of step with a vineyard wedding.  In my mind, the vineyard wedding should play up the environment. I don't think of strong, harsh lighting when I envision our wedding.  Somehow, vineyards don't feel like venues that call for structured beams of light racing from the floor to the top of the wall.

I would probably coo over the lighting schemes above if I saw them at a concert, but I can't fathom them at our wedding.  I'd like to embrace our space and its surroundings, not throw up sheets of lights to cover what is there.

This reminded me of concerts we love where people throw glowsticks into the air during instrumental parts of songs /  

A good friend who worked for a local event company for years convinced me that lighting could be done tastefully.  He said he could create a lighting design that would compliment the room instead of take it over.  Though he moved away a few years ago to work in a larger market, he's coming back to Charlottesville to light our wedding. 

I never even put lighting on our "to do" list because I was convinced we wouldn't have it.  This is a total surprise!

Did you have anyone surprise you with a service when you were wedding planning?
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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Elle & Anne Handbags GIVEAWAY!

A wonderful friend of mine is hosting a giveaway and I thought I'd share it with you all!  The giveaway is for a gray, leather hobo bag by Elle & Anne Handbags.  She's only giving sneak peeks at it right now, but the strap alone has me pretty excited.  The full bag will be revealed on the Elle & Anne blog this Monday.

This bag is new to Elle & Anne's line and the design will be named after the winner!

To enter:
1.  "Like" the Elle & Anne Handbags page on Facebook.
2.  Post a comment about how much you like E&A's bags (you can browse the collection on their website)
3.  Recruit friends to "like" your comment on E&A's Facebook page.

The person with the most "likes" on their comment wins the bag!
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Friday, January 27, 2012

The Four Shoe Bride

I think I have a problem, Hive. I've been keeping something from you. My first and second wedding shoe purchases aren't a secret.  The $8 pair of peep toe Mary Janes from the J. Crew Wedding Sale were bought before I even had a dress. I told you about tweaking them a little bit just a few days ago. The second shoe purchase was a pair of Butter d'orsay heels that I found online.  They were too big and I knew I couldn't wear them. Now, I didn't tell you about my third and fourth shoe purchases and now it's time to come clean.

Photo by Miss Mink

My third shoe purchase was at a charity bridal shop that is sent samples and overstocks from some very well know wedding salons. I thought they'd be a good back up option in case my $8 pair didn't work out.  The Lauren Jones pumps were a great deal and I didn't feel too indulgent when I bought them.

I considered my wedding shoe buying over and went on to other things. I should have remember that while browsing the BHLDN website a couple months ago, but I couldn't resist clicking on the shoe link. The blue, sparkly t-strap heels on the right in that photo jumped off the page. About a second after I saw them, I literally closed my browser. I felt like I was looking at forbidden fruit.

For three days, I would go back to take a peek at those shoes. I finally decided to get them.  I figured that I would wear the J. Crew shoes for the ceremony and the BHLDN t-straps for our reception. I would sell the Butter d'orsays and the Lauren Jones pumps.  When the blue shoes arrived, I loved them.

Photo by Miss Mink

Ultimately, I spent less on my four pairs of shoes than some do on one pair.  Still, I feel a bit guilty about all these purchases.  I'm not one to splurge all that often.
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

A New Look by Katelyn Brooke Designs

A few months ago, I started reading a new blog by a woman in nearby Lexington, Virginia called Stripes and Polka Dots.  I loved the look of the blog and soon found out that the blogger was also a designer!

If you're reading through a reader, you better click through and see what Katelyn Brooke Designs did to my blog over the weekend.  I'm in love!  I think her profile boxes are the coolest I've seen and I love how she has adapted to incorporate Pinterest buttons into her designs to stand alongside Facebook and Twitter links.   If you check out her website, I think you'll be stunned by how reasonable her fees are. 

Want to know more?

S&C: What's your background?  How did you get into web design?
KB: I graduated from college with a degree in architecture, but after four years of studying it I felt kind of burnt out.  I always loved the graphics element of my schoolwork.  I loved design and I loved blogging, so last fall I took a blog design course.  I was hooked!
S&C: How would you describe your design aesthetic?  Do you have any design roll models whose work you admire?
KB: I would describe my design aesthetic as fresh and feminine.  I really appreciate simple designs, and my favorite blog designs are often modern, artistic, or preppy.  I definitely follow the work of other designers- I love the work of Redbud Designs, Viva la Violette, and Lulapalooza, just to name a few.  One of the features I'm working on running more regularly on the KBD blog is about design inspiration!

S&C: You have more blogs that most.  Talk about why you keep them separate and how you manage them.
KB: It just kind of happened that way.  If I could do it over again I would try to consolidate them, but I'm not really sure how because they are all about pretty different things.  Stripes and Polka Dots is where I blog about my life and whatever random stuff I feel like posting about.  It was blog I started in August 2009 when I first started blogging.  Sketch and Wash is focused on art and photography, and was in the works when I moved to Lexington in August and found myself needing a creative outlet.  It just launched in November, but eventually I would love it to be more professional and more about a community of art bloggers.  Katelyn Brooke Designs came when I decided that I wanted to start a blog design business, but posting on the blog is still kind of sporadic.  One of my goals for 2012 is to get a few regular features going on Katelyn Brooke Designs and Sketch and Wash so that posting will be more regular.

S&C: You planned your wedding during your 4th year at UVa.  Talk about that experience.  I have to imagine that few friends were in the same place at that time.
KB: I guess it was a very different experience than most!  I only knew one other girl at UVA who was planning her wedding at the time, although I know of others.  On one hand it was kind of fun to be the the first and only one of my friends to be planning a wedding; everyone was excited and really eager to help.  On the other hand, sometimes there were times that I got stressed about what I had to accomplish and felt like I was too busy with school things.  It was convenient though because the wedding was in Charlottesville, and my family lives in Northern Virginia, so I was able to meet with wedding vendors during the week if I needed to when I didn't have class.  Mostly though I don't remember planning my wedding that much while I was at college.  The bulk of it was done over breaks, and all of the crafts and DIY stuff was done at home.

S&C: What do you miss most about UVa?  About Charlottesville?
KB: Other than my college friends, who are no longer in Charlottesville for the most part, the thing I miss most about UVA is Grounds, the Corner, and the FOOD.  Charlottesville has the best food.
S&C: What do you like best about living in Lexington?  Where should Cville people go if they come down for a visit?
KB: Lexington is the most self-contained town I've ever lived in.  The town itself is really quaint and historic, and the campus of Washington and Lee is beautiful (although not as much as UVA in my opinion- my husband and I like to debate about it!)  Although I don't see us living here long term, I'm really glad to have had the opportunity to live in a small town like this.  The scenery is really beautiful and I highly recommend a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway!

So...what do you all think of Small & Chic's new look? 
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Everything's Coming Up...Peonies!

It's been a little while since I talked about flowers.  Last I mentioned them, I was just gathering information and taking note of all the fantastic florists in the Charlottesville area.

This is when I actually started to collaborate with another bride who was also getting married at Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards.  She found me through blogging and we chatted now and then by email about the planning process.  We even met up at the vineyard for lunch one afternoon.  Does that make us venue twins?

We're both busy with time intensive jobs and were able to "divide and conquer" a little bit when it come to vendor research.  For example, she had already spoken to one florist on my list and knew that she only took jobs where the flower budget was over a certain amount. That amount was a little over my budget, so I crossed her off my list.  There were a few cases where we had both met with the same vendor (floral and otherwise) and it was helpful to compare notes after those meetings.

One afternoon, I visited a florist that my venue twin had planned on speaking with by phone a short time later.  I pulled up to the shop and was immediately happy with what I saw.  There were all sorts of rustic urns and flower pots.  I passed some vintage looking pieces of furniture in the entrance and settled into a cute reception area that was full of accessories and photo albums.

I was a little early, so I flipped through albums as I waited.  I knew her work from the wedding blogs, but it was fun to see images that hadn't been blogged.  A little orange cat joined me and wound up sitting on my lap as I turned the pages.  I was already loving the appointment.

Then I met Pat Roberts.  Pat and her daughter, Sherry Spencer, run Pat's Floral Designs.  I assumed working with them would blow our budget and I was happily surprised when Pat told me some ideas for getting the most out of wedding flowers.  She suggested moving flowers that would be on the ends of the aisles during the ceremony into our reception space during the cocktail hour.  Bouquets could be worked into the decor on the table where we'll sit with our bridal party.  Pat was also enthusiastic about alternating the look of the flowers from table to table.  Some tables could have one, large arrangement and some could have three, smaller arrangements in a cluster.

One of the best things I heard was that our wedding was during the perfect time to get peonies from the area growers.  I've got a thing for peonies.

We went off on a few tangents.  Since we both love fabric and trim, she let me see her ribbon library.  She has hundreds of spools of ribbon arranged in racks on a wall.  Her prize ribbon was bought from France and matched the embellishment on a Carolina Herrera gown that a past client wore.

Pat also showed me the shelves and shelves of vases she has collected and I got to meet her golden retriever.  At this point, I was thinking Pat was pretty much perfect.

When we went back upstairs, Sherry was coming home from a delivery and remarked that we had to work together because of my car.  We all drive the same, unusual car.  I bought my Honda Element for hauling dogs and they bought their two for hauling flowers. 

When I left them that afternoon (after a hug from Pat), I remember hoping that the flower proposal would be within our budget.  I didn't just like Pat and Sherry's flowers, I liked them.  I was excited by the idea of having them involved in our wedding.

Well, you know I wouldn't have written about this if things didn't work out.  The proposal came in, we moved a few things around, and wound up signing a contract.

Oh, and my venue twin?  She talked to Pat over the phone and then went to meet her shortly after I emailed her about my visit.  Our wedding styles are completely different (she's talking about trees inside the venue...so cool!), but she wound up signing with Pat and Sherry as well! 

Did you have any pleasant surprises when you met with a vendor?
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

An unexpected shoe edit

I previously shared that I was never really shoe obsessed before getting engaged. The lust for designer heels that Carrie Brawshaw seemed to usher into the mainstream never really hit me. I like shoes and I have plenty of them, but only after getting engaged did I really start poring over foot ware options.

My suspicion is that during the early days of our planning, our "to-do" list seemed long and I was intimidated. Shoes were something I could handle. Shoes didn't require signing contracts or vendor meetings. So I went shopping.

Remember the $8 pair of shoes I found at the J. Crew Warehouse Sale in Richmond? I was pretty proud of my deal, but the more I looked at the shoes, the more I wished the flower embellishments at the toe weren't so worn and rumpled from being thrown in a big box with dozens of other pairs of shoes at the sale.

 Photo by Miss Mink

One Saturday morning, I decided to poke around and see if I could fix the flowers.  Peeling the flowers up, I realized that they were sewn together and glued to the shoes.  Maybe I could pull them off, iron them, and reattached them to the shoes!

 Photo by Miss Mink

I couldn't believe how quickly I reached the point of no return.  I peeled a little more and the flowers just kind of fell apart.  Oddly, I felt really badly about ruining my $8 shoes.  As I looked at the fabric petals on the table, I was thinking "I want my little flower back!"

 Photo by Miss Mink

 Here's when my practical side took over.  Thank goodness this happened over the weekend and not last spring, when shoes seemed like a big deal.  At this point, some of the little details just don't feel as critical as they did early on.  They're shoes.  They'll be under the dress and won't be inspected too, too closely.

I decided to get a pair of shoe clips to take the place of the flowers.  I considered making my own, but found a fairly simply pair by Absolutely Audrey and snapped them up.  After they arrived, I wound up finding these shoes clips all over the bee! 

Photo by Miss Mink

I'm not head over heels (ha!) for the entire look, but I'm happy that they look more polished and less ragged than before.

I could have draw this out and searched every vintage shop in town for a pair of shoe clips.  I could have spent hours scouring ebay and Etsy for clips, too.  In the end, I'm happy that I fixed my little mistake quickly.

Did you simplify any wedding related projects or decisions that could have been drawn out?
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Monday, January 16, 2012

An Escort Card Display for the Fabric Addict

When I find a great fabric, I want to use it everywhere!  I know I have good company in light of how Chiang Mai Dragon by Schumacher took the design blogging world by storm last year.  People were finding ways to incorporate the design into everything.  Someone even painted an entire wall to mimic the design

I'm as crazy for the Robert Allen fabric called Vintage Plumes I'm using for wedding projects.  Since I don't think the kind folks at Pippin Hill Farm would be down with painting their space just for me, I'm looking for different ways to bring the pattern and its colors into our wedding.  I already created table number frames using the fabric and I decided that our escort card board could showcase a big piece of it.  I was inspired by a board I came across while trying to find a template for another project on the Martha Stewart website.

Without a die cutting machine (I really want a Silhouette!), I went online to find paper I could run through my printer that had perforated tags on it.  I found one website that had what I wanted after much searching and placed an order.  About a month later, Avery came out with the same product and it's probably at every office supply store in the country.  Oh well.  Next, I had to create the board.

Making the fabric escort card board was super easy.  All I needed was a 24" by 36" bulletin board, enough fabric to cover it, a staple gun, glue gun, and something to use as trim.  I added a layer of white felt on top of the cork because my fabric's weave wasn't super tight.  The look of the fabric was brightened with the white base under it. 

It wasn't totally necessary, but I used a little seam sealer to step the edges from fraying.  I love this fabric so much that I was bummed about losing even a few strands when I cut the length needed for the project.

I wrapped the board and used my staple gun to secure the fabric in place.  So easy!

To finish the edges off, I debated using grosgrain ribbon or nailhead trim. The nailhead would be a nod to my interest in interior design, but I planned on using upholstery tacks to secure the escort cards in place and worried that there would be too much metal on the board. I also thought that nailhead on the sides might make the board less stable if we set it up on an easel. 

I think the entire board would look better with the grosgrain ribbon a little more visible. I might add a second layer of grosgrain so it shows on the front of the board, but I have to measure out how much space the cards will take up before I do that.

I have to decide how we'll prop this up at the wedding.  Originally, I thought about buying a used, professional wood easel from an artist on Craigslist and refinishing it (then selling it after the wedding).  I also thought that a table top easel would work well.  I might have to revisit Pippin Hill to look at the space where the board will go before I make a final decision.  

I think I'm on a DIY roll!  Looking at my list, I still have quite a few projects left, but I think I'm in a good place with five months to go before our wedding.

Have you really enjoyed your DIY projects?  What has been your easiest project?  What has been your favorite? 
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Friday, January 13, 2012

Gathering Escort Card Inspiration

Am I the only one who gets fired up for a DIY project?  I love my wedding projects, even the ones that are a little painful to complete.  The next project on the horizon is figuring out how to get our guests to their seats.  I almost put an exclamation point there.  Wow.  

I knew right away that I wanted to use escort cards instead of a seating chart.  I'm sure you've seen these charts, which seem to have been everywhere for the past few years:

The window pane seating plan is very cute, but if we were going in that direction, I think I'd be more tempted to try to this more polished adaption, using a large, leaning mirror:

I think an escort card display will be a fun way to use that deep, blue-green color that I love so much.  I also like that there's always a little conversation among guests as they pick up their cards and many use some sort of embellishment on their cards to give servers a heads up about meal selections or allergies. 

We have many vineyard weddings in my area and the "go to" escort card display would be the one that uses wine corks. I struck that from the options because it's kind of expected. I wanted to do something a little more creative.

There are some beautiful escort card displays using frames and ribbon that appeal to me a lot.  Spreading the cards across a few frames would also allow multiple people to pick up their cards at once. 

I stumbled upon some escort cards using spools, which reminded me of the spools I sent to my bridesmaids to ask them to be part of the bridal party.  Of course, no one else really knows about those spools, but I'd hope they'd think this was a cute idea. 

If you've been keeping an eye on floral trends, you might have seen carnations come back in a big way a couple years ago.  People are using them in pomanders and garlands and the effect is pretty striking.  I found a Martha Stewart project that used pink carnations put a new spin on the grass card displays that have been around for a few years.  I love the effect!

Honestly, I love ALL of these ideas and many more that I didn't share for fear of making this post way too long! I know most people would set escort cards out on a table and move on, but I pretty excited to figure out a way to incorporate my color and perhaps the fabric that I've used in other projects in yet another way at our wedding. 

Do you prefer escort cards or  a seating chart?  Have you seen one work better than the other at a wedding? 
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Friday, January 6, 2012

I guess I'm crafty after all (painted and monogramed corn hole boards!)

For years, I was convinced that I wasn't crafty despite the fact that I love painting.  Liking something and thinking you do it well are two different things!  So, while I enjoyed DIY projects around the house, I didn't think I was doing anything all that great.

Until wedding planning started.  I realized that I love wedding projects and I'm pretty happy with how they turn out. Hooray!

Of course, up until now, my projects were fairly small...some moss letters, boutonnieres for my ring bearers, table numbers, and some partially DIYed hangers.  There was one big project in the back of my mind and I decided to tackle it over the holidays.  Corn hole boards.

Image from Style Me Pretty / Photo by Shyla Photography

I first saw corn hole boards when visiting friends in Ohio back in 2004.  They were wild about the lawn game.  They even traveled with their boards, taking them to Cincinnati Bengals games so they could play in the parking lot while tailgating.  Their pictures from football games showed that scores of people did the same.  I had never seen corn hole in Boston, but when I moved to Virginia, I saw it a few more times.

I decided that I was going to DIY a set of boards about a month into our engagement.  There are lots of people selling unfinished boards online, but most seemed a bit flaky.  After a few failed attempts at making plans with Craigslist sellers, I found a local guy with a website called Corn Chucker selling well made corn hole boards.  I emailed him and I had my boards a few hours later.

Sidenote: Just a couple days later, his wife was behind me in line at that J. Crew sale where I bought my bridesmaids dresses for $30.  Small world!!!

I put the boards away for a while and decided that I would start working on them when I had a few days off over the holidays.  After priming the boards and painting a base coat of light blue paint, I cobbled together a design by using parts of a free download I found on the Wedding Chicks website and adding a few flowers that I liked from another wedding related item we have (the source is a secret for now).   Then I used a borrowed LCD projector to help me get the design onto the boards.  I projected the images and then traced them with pencil.

It took forever and I had to paint over mistakes a few times, but I eventually had my design sketched out on the boards.

Then came the back breaking job of painting the flowers.  I used teeny, tiny paint brushes and acrylic paints from the craft store for this.  I probably spent about $10 on supplies.  It took about five days of painting before I was reasonably satisfied with the flowers.  I alternated between sitting on the floor with the boards upright and leaning over them while they were laying on the dining table with blankets under them.  

Moving on to the banner and lettering, I realized that there was far less wiggle room on the design.  If you happen to make a flower petal a bit longer than expected, that's no big deal.  If you make the third letter in a word longer than expected, that looks a bit odd.  At this point, I started working in small bursts.

I was constantly asking Marc if things looked okay.  We've all had the experience of being "too close" to a project and not seeing a mistake until a fresh set of eyes pointed it out.  He took a few pictures so I could see things from a different perspective.

With going back to work a day or two away, I make a final push to get the boards done.  I also knew that I wanted to put a coat of polyurethane on the boards and the freakishly warm weather we were having would make that possible.  If the temperature dropped, I probably couldn't put the poly coat on.

So here's the almost finished project.  Marc pitched the idea of a bridesmaids vs. groomsmen match and I think our wedding party is up for it.

It's kind of neat to see my color scheme on tangible items now instead of just seeing them as swatches.  I might add a little yellow to the boards before I coat them so they tie in a little better with the fabric I'm using for other projects, like our table numbers.

You might have seen a hint at my next project in one of the earlier pictures...I'm hoping to make signs for our chairs that go along with the rest of the decor.

I know some people might think this was a crazy amount of work to do for a corn hole set, but I'm pretty proud of myself for this one!  I also imagine us having these boards for years to come, pulling them out at barbecues and parties after we're married.

Did anyone else buy or make something for an event with the thought that they'd use it long after the big day is over?
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Wedding Blog Land Makes Me Feel Old

I know my blog has veered into wedding blog land in recent months.  I hope you all understand that most of my home projects have gone on hold while I juggle work and wedding planning.  I did replace the handle on the toilet a few nights ago, but while I would have blogged about that a year ago, it doesn't seem all that interesting right now.  Am I right?

Anyway, in Design Blog Land, I always felt really normal.  I think most design bloggers are professional women who happen to love design.  Some wind up working in design, but most of the time, that seems like a career change.  I don't know of many design bloggers who are just starting out.

In Wedding Blog Land, I'm old.  Like over the hill.  A lot of people assume that if you're in your mid-30s, you're an encore bride (on a second marriage).  For the first time in my life, I feel old!

Age was never really something I thought about all that much.  Perhaps it's because my mother wore her age fairly proudly and never seemed obsessed with looking younger.  People always seemed shocked to know her age.  Her hair stylist seems convinced that she has a colorist because she's still a redhead in her late 60s. 

Working in academia has probably kept me young at heart.  I'm surrounded by the energy and enthusiasm of students in the college bubble.  Though I finished graduate school just over a decade ago, people still ask me what year I am as if I'm a student.  I haven't yet considered that a compliment, but I know there's a time when I will.

Getting engaged at 33 felt just right.  I considered myself a city girl before coming to Virginia and city dwellers (especially those in the northern cities) tend to marry a little later than others.  I didn't realize that in the world of wedding blogs and message boards, I'm old.

Early on in my planning, I felt just fine about my age.  Everyone reading and commenting on wedding sites was in same process and I thought that would bind us together.  Over time, however, I started to notice the pictures.  I saw one stunning bride after another and as I looked at their amazing gowns and jewelry and hair, I also noticed their completely smooth complexions.

Now, I have a great skin, but at 34, I'm not without a line here and there.  I started to think that there was no way I would look as beautiful in my wedding pictures.  I'll have the amazing dress and the pretty details, but I fear that I won't have that youthful beauty that I see when I seek out wedding inspiration.

So what's a girl to do?  You buy wrinkle cream.  I did a bit of research online and decided to start using the Olay Pro-X line and consider seeing a dermatologist to bump up to something stronger about three months before the wedding. 

I started drinking more water, assuming that would help, but found articles from NPR and Real Simple that debunk that a bit.  I'll still drink water, but I'm not expecting it to be a fountain of youth.

Lastly, I decided to look through the portfolios of the makeup artists I've been considering to see if I can spot some brides who might be around my age.  I've been looking at blog posts and inspiration shoots, but most of those feature women in their early 20s.  I should probably be digging a little deeper.  There are plenty of 30-something brides, but we don't seem as prominent on the wedding blogs. 

Marc thinks I'm being totally silly.   He says I don't need any of this stuff.  My reasonable side knows that this is a short lived feeling.  That little voice of self-doubt remains.

Has anyone else felt more aware of their age while wedding planning?   How have you dealt with it?
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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's J. Crew Clearance time!

Buckle up and get ready to dig through some boxes!  The J. Crew folks down in Lynchburg are taking their clearance sale on the road!

The spelling mistake is theirs, not mine. :)

If you don't know how these clearance sales work, check out some past posts I've written about them:

J. Crew Liquidation is back (8.17.2011) - includes a little strategy
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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Revisiting music for our wedding

When people think of the music at wedding ceremonies, there's a certain sound that comes to mind.   There are lovely groups of musicians who specializing in playing harps, violins, flutes, and cellos at wedding ceremonies.  While those groups always sound very nice when I'm a wedding guest, I wasn't all that excited about having that sound at our wedding ceremony.

As I explained in the past, we are hugely into music.  Marc hosts a radio show and we are loyal fans of improvisation.  At first, Marc thought I would want ultra-traditional music.  I did a little homework and looked at area musicians who play wedding ceremonies.  They all looked wonderfully talented, but none made me excited.  I told Marc that I couldn't imagine any of the people I found at our wedding.  I wanted upbeat music that would make me smile, nothing that sounded solemn or sacred. I wanted "our" music and I wanted guitars.

That's when Marc contacted this guy:

I'll address the guy on the right at the end of this post / Image from The Hook / Photo by Tom Daly

William Walter is the front man of William Walter & Co.  They're a Charlottesville based band that tours regionally and plays the festival circuit each summer.  While Marc knows William pretty well, I was convinced that playing a wedding was way beneath this guy in light of the crowds he usually plays in front of during the summer.  Remember, I think about opportunity cost a lot and I imagined a Friday night in June being a pretty big night for gigs.

I shouldn't have worried! William was more than happy to play for us!  He (and that mega watt smile) are going to play our ceremony and cocktail hour.  When Marc shared the news, I had one of my "eek!" moments.  I'm SO excited about this!  Our out-of-town guests probably won't know who is playing at our ceremony, but I imagine our local friends will pretty excited to see William at our wedding. 

Oh, and the goofy guy to William's left in the band shot at the top of this post?  That's Tucker Rogers.  He's also in the other two pictures, but with short hair.  William said he's going to bring Tucker along so we have a duo.  Double eek!  We'll have William Walter and Tucker Rogers playing for us!

Here's one problem: I'm totally blank when it comes to specific songs we should ask William and Tucker to play.  I've never been to a wedding that didn't use very traditional music like Pachelbel's Canon and Ave Maria.  Where does the non-traditionalist look for music inspiration?
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