From Weddingbee: The PWC (Post-Wedding Chop)

For the next few weeks, I'm going to share my recent posts from Weddingbee.  There are some posts that are tradition at the 'bee and I took care of those before going into our wedding recaps.  Rest assured, I'll be back to home and design blogging when I've fulfilled my commitment to Weddingbee. For those who are new to my blog, I've been writing about our wedding planning as Miss Mink (now Mrs. Mink) on the Weddingbee for about a year.   

A dramatic post-wedding haircut is a bit of a tradition around here.  I shared that I love this kind of haircut in my Secret Life of Bees post, but my post-wedding chop wasn't as exciting as the previous cuts I've done for charity have been.  There was a reason for this, but that's coming.

One afternoon after we got home from our honeymoon in Jamaica, I went to see Erica Haskins at her salon, Top Knot Studio

Aside from having a beautiful, private salon, Erica has the most charming staff.  Her assistant, T. Beau, is an enthusiastic greeter and will keep you company in the chair.

Photo by Mrs. Mink

On this occasion, I only had four inches cut off. It was enough to rid me of layers that were leftover from a previous cut and get rid of all those split ends that I get due to all the heat I use on my hair.

Photo by Mrs. Mink

I was surprised that many people noticed that my hair was shorter.  It still seemed pretty long to me and I am thinking that it might be time for yet another cut!

Are you one for dramatic haircuts or do you stick to trims?  If you're already married, did you schedule a post-wedding chop?


  1. I went from below-the-shoulders to a pixie cut a few months after my wedding. I waited until after I'd finished my matron of honor duties for a friend, so as to not freak her out with a huge change in my appearance before her wedding.


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