From the Weddingbee: The Men Get Ready

For the next couple weeks, I'm going to share my recent posts from Weddingbee.  For those who are new to my blog, I've been writing about our wedding planning as Miss Mink (now Mrs. Mink) on the Weddingbee for about a year.   Rest assured, I'll be back to home and design blogging when I've fulfilled my commitment to Weddingbee. 

Mr. Mink and his groomsmen arrived at our venue just before a massive hail storm moved through the area,  Knowing they were getting ready while we watched the storm, I sent Sister Mink to the groom's loft with my gift for Mr. Mink.

My gift to Mr. Mink was a nod to all the gifts he's given me in recent years.  I have a thing for a particular jewelry designer, David Yurman, and every year, Mr. Mink gives me a piece of it for my birthday or for Christmas. He jokes that he never expected to have someone he considered to be "his" jeweler, but he's become friends with the woman at the store where he buys my gifts.

Originally, I thought it would be very fitting if Mr. Mink picked out a wedding band that was designed by David Yurman, but he didn't wind up liking any of the ones he saw.  I decided that I had to give him his first piece of Yurman, so I bought him a set of cuff links as a wedding present.  For fun, I also bought a pair of socks by his favorite clothing company, Tommy Bahama, and made a "in case of cold feet" label for them.

Months before the wedding, while on a walk with Junior Mink, Mr. Mink told me that I should write a little list of wedding traditions and practices that he should know.  I knew that he wasn't aware that some couples exchange wedding gifts and I deliberately didn't tell him.  I felt like he had done so many wonderful things throughout our planning process that I didn't need a present.  So kept quiet and was excited about the idea of surprising him.

This image of Mr. Mink pouring beer in his new socks cracks me up every time I see it.

Mr. Mink said that as they were starting to get ready, he said it'd be nice to have a beer and as if on cue, someone from the venue came up the stairs with a bin full of ice and beer.  Mr. Mink had delivered some special beer to the venue the day before and was happy to see his Tripel Karmeliet in the bin.

Then it was time to get down to business. 

That's GM Blue, Dr. Bridesmaid's husband

Yeah, business.

Did anyone else surprise their groom with a present?  Was anyone surprised by their groom on the big day?

All images by Elisa B Photography

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