From Weddingbee: And Then, The Rain Came

For the next couple weeks, I'm going to share my recent posts from Weddingbee.  For those who are new to my blog, I've been writing about our wedding planning as Miss Mink (now Mrs. Mink) on the Weddingbee for about a year.   Rest assured, I'll be back to home and design blogging when I've fulfilled my commitment to Weddingbee.

Just as we finished getting ready, Dr. Bridesmaid noticed that the men had arrived at our venue, Pippin Hill. You'd think that after knowing Mr. Mink for seven years, that this wouldn't be a big deal, but I actually got butterflies when I saw him coming down the little hill. 

Minutes after the men arrived, the inevitable happened. The rain I knew was coming arrived.

Photo by Dr. Bridesmaid

If you look at the bottom of these images, you can see the ice cube-sized hail on the ground.  I don't know why someone even bothered to put two ceremony chairs outside, but I was worried they'd get carried away because the wind was so strong.

 Photo by Dr. Bridesmaid

I had been so anxious about how bad the rain would be all morning long. When the downpour started, my bridesmaids went into consolation mode. Instead of the anticipated breakdown, I started laughing so hard that my stomach hurt. What else was there to do at that moment? It was a spectacular storm.

When the lights flickered, I was thankful that I had accumulated my massive cache of candles for Pippin Hill's main room. Just as I was wondering if they had a generator, Kelly from Pippin Hill's staff came into the bridal loft to assure me that they did.

Within minutes, the storm had blown through, but there was a lot of water left behind.  The bottom of the path that led from the parking area down to the venue had been turned into a moat, but at least the storm had passed.

Photo by Dr. Bridesmaid

The timing was actually perfect.  The guys were getting ready, so we had time for one last glass of champagne before our first look and bridal party portraits.

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