The Secret Spot for Bargains in Georgetown

If you love furniture, you might know this beautiful store in Georgetown that has become one of my favorite stops when I'm in DC.

This is the Baker furniture store.  Baker is part of the Kohler group and their amazing pieces are all made in the United States.  They work with designers like Thomas Pheasant, Jacques Garcia, Barbara Barry, and Michael S. Smith to produce a number of lines.

Going to the Baker store for me is bittersweet.  There is a lot to see in their two story showroom and the prices match the quality.  I don't own any Baker items. 

On one visit, I started chatting with a saleswoman about how much I liked their furniture, but wasn't really in their target market.  She introduced me to the store's big secret.  Back behind the stairs, there's an elevator.

If you get on the elevator and take it to the basement...

You'll wind up in the most interesting place.

This is where floor models go to rest.  I won't say they go here to die because they are in excellent shape.  This is a Baker store, not Pottery Barn, after all.  Strollers haven't bumped into these pieces. Exhausted husbands haven't napped on these pieces.  They're retired from the floor and are just waiting for someone to take them to their next home.

Most items are marked down considerably.  Some items don't have prices yet and the staff will "work something out" if you are interested.  I once showed interest in a beautiful Thomas Pheasant sofa and by the time the saleswoman stopped jabbing at the numbers on her calculator, she had taken the price down to about 30% of retail (not off...of).  I'm not suggesting that I had a normal experience, but they seem eager to help those who are interested. 

On this trip, we found the basement full of chairs.  I saw items from almost every Baker line that I know, from Barbara Barry to McGuire.  

I wish I had thought to take a picture of the white, iron chair that's kind of in the shot below.  That's one of two Tony Duquette Organic Baroque Chairs that were in the basement.

Want to see some prices?

I've loved this McGuire chair since I first saw it. $3,925 is still a bit too steep for me.

Have you ever been to Baker's basement?  Will you go now?

Baker Furniture
3330 M Street NW  
Washington, DC 20007
(202) 342-7080


  1. Jeanine, you have the BEST luck with finding secret places like this. You've changed how I shop for clothes with your J. Crew warehouse posts and now this?  Well, I won't be buying Baker anytime soon, but I'm definitely going to check this place out.

  2. Wow am I surprised. Baker is notorious for being stingy on discounts. I once walked away from a very expensive piece because I was so irritated that they charge shipping (to bring the piece to the NJ warehouse) then soak you again for a delivery charge - even if you want to pick it up from the warehouse. That said, i am happy with the pieces I did get from them and might talk Niel into driving down as we are still looking for a console for the TV.
    If you like Grange, they have a warehouse in NJ with good prices. And a new store Design Spree (Rt 17 & Essex St) is very interesting. They buy inventory from closing furniture stores and you can luck out.


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