The Emperor's New Clothes?

When I was young, I loved the story of The Emperor's New Clothes.  When things remind me of the story, I have to laugh.  We sometimes get caught up in some silly things, don't we?

A friend post a link to a story on the UK's Daily Mail website (I think it's kind of like the Daily News in the UK...not the most serious paper) and at the bottom, there was a link to a "related story."  That related story was about reusable lunch bags.  I'm on board.  We had lunch boxes as kids and I had a reusable lunch bag when I was in high school.  I sometimes use one today.  The lunch bags in the story were a bit pricey, though.

For $290, you can have a Jil Sander reusable lunch bag that looks exactly like a brown, paper bag.  I'm sure the material is very nice, but I'm not sure anything that looks like a paper bag should cost $290.

This is actually the second time Jil Sander has done this.  Check out what you could buy for about $150 last year:

A plastic bag.


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