Baxter's Return to the Desire to Inspire blog

Though this blog isn't too old, I've been blogging for a long time and reading blogs for even longer.  I've seen many blogs and blog series come and go.  One that seems as popular today as when it was introduced is Desire to Inspire's Pets on Furniture series.  It started in 2009 with a few pictures of a German shepherd on a chair.  I couldn't resist commenting on that post and sharing pictures of my own dog sitting on some furniture.  Those pictures wound up on Desire to Inspire a couple days later and the Pets on Furniture series began.  Every Monday, a new installment is posted.

We actually don't let Baxter on furniture very often.  We've trained him to wait for permission to come on the bed and sometimes have to convince him a couple times that it's really okay to join us.

We tend to stay at Kimpton Hotels (the entire brand is pet friendly) when we travel and he seems to know that the rules are different when we get to our room.  He helps himself to chairs, benches, and lounges.

Last weekend, Marc took me to Washington, DC for my birthday and we stayed at Kimpton's newest acquisition, the Donovan House hotel.  The property doesn't seem 100% "Kimpton-fied" yet (it's a little rough around the edges), but Baxter knew it was a Kimpton nonetheless and helped himself to a chair.

I cheated a little bit and held a treat in my hand while I took these photos.  

I couldn't remember when I had originally submitted to Desire to Inspire, but I knew it was time to submit again.  To my surprise, Baxter is the first dog on this week's Pets on Furniture post.  

Isn't he cute?  

Happy Monday!


  1. So so cute! I love that picture of him on the chair- the colors are just perfect together!

  2. Such an awesome pooch. So adorable.

  3. Powellbrowerhome.comAugust 5, 2013 at 3:15 PM

    He is adorable. We are  golden lovers here, and Baxter is beautiful!

  4. Aww Phoebe and I miss Baxter!

  5. That's awesome! He's such a handsome man :)

  6. Raina @ If The Lamp Shade FitsAugust 5, 2013 at 3:15 PM

    *heart exploding*


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