The Magic House

A few blocks away from where I live, there is a house that was pretty forgettable.  It had symmetry on its side, but it looked a little sad.

One day, someone I know moved into the little house.  They worked on the little house, inside and out, until it looked like this:

Now, what about the magic part?  The magic became apparent in the aftermath of a horrible storm.  The storm caused a massive blackout that affected almost every part of town.  The little house never lost power.  The Magic House doesn't have a generator.  The owners don't know why they don't lose power.  I've guessed that they're somehow on a different part of the "grid" than the others on the street, but I don't know enough about how electrical lines are laid to know for sure.

Over the next few days, I'll share before and after shots from around and inside the house.  I also got a few pictures that the owners took during the renovation work they did.  You'll notice that the "after" pictures are from the MLS.  Sadly, they are moving away from Charlottesville, so someone else will get to take on the Magic House soon. 


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