Marc's Hidden Talent

I assumed that I would be in charge of writing our thank you notes after our wedding, but joked with Marc that we'd be sitting down to write our notes together.  I went so far as to make two lists of letters that needed to be written, one for me and one for him.  For some reason, I though he'd procrastinate and I'd just take care of everything.

Well, wasn't I surprised when we sat down to write our notes and Marc not only wrote more than the ones on his list, he demonstrated an amazing talent for writing them!

Our writing styles are very different. It takes me 30-60 minutes to write a thank you note.  I feel like being succinct requires a bit of thought.  One can't really ramble in a thank you note, which you may have noticed is a habit of mine.  Marc can write a heartfelt, personal, and amusing (when appropriate) note in a fraction of the time I take.

One of the gifts we received was an amazing trivet designed by Michael Aram.  Michael Aram designed our china, but parted ways with Waterford at the end of last year.  My china was discontinued, but some beautiful new items Aram designed became available at the stores where we registered, so I added a few serving pieces, the trivet being one of them.  Part of Marc's thank you note for that gift reads:
"...thank you for the beautiful trivet designed by Michael Aram.  Jeannine is  looking forward to using it and I am looking forward to learning what a trivet is.  You'll have to come over and join us for dinner to see it in action!"
Another one reads:
“I didn’t know we needed a ___(gift)___, but Mrs. Mink assures me we did and that it’s lovely.”
As I read Marc's notes, I started to feel sorry for the guests who were on my part of the list!

How did you tackle writing thank you notes?  Did you divide your list or did one of you write more notes than the other?


  1. It's been 20 years and wedding thank you notes are still one of those few topics that cause me to see red. I divided our list into his 'n' hers notes and then did all of mine. He did none. So then I did some on his list. He still did none. Ultimately, I wrote around 200, leaving just 20 for him. And then I found out a few years later that he never did them. I was horrified and, to this day, I still become furious about it. In fact, I have to stop this comment now before I go into a full-on rage thinking about it.

  2. I split up our list as well- it just made it easier on me for the people I didnt know from his side.  I had to bug my husband a few times to get them done, but once he started I was surprised on how wordy he could be with them. 

    I love the examples that you wrote here, what fun thank you notes!!

  3. My husband is the SAME way! I had to beg him to write, but once he did, he was so funny!

  4. That's aweomse - it makes me think that perhaps Ryan should write some of ours.  It sounds like how he'd write them. :)  (And yes, I'm still plugging away at ours. It's taken a while because I don't want to write generic notes.)

  5. Love pithy thank you notes!!  Too bad I can't seem to write them!


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