Before & After in The Magic House: Outdoors

For the last installment of the Magic House series, I'm going to share before and after shots of the house exterior and the yard.  The house was sort of nondescript before and the yard was a little lacking.

Okay, a lot lacking. The door in this picture leads to the boiler room that became a laundry room. 
I shared pictures of that room a couple days ago.

The pipe coming out of the wall is about where the hot water heater is located. 

The property takes up a slice of the block, with a street on the front and a different street on the back.  Below, you'll see a storage shed that's on the other side of a little stream that cuts across the back part of the property.  The only way to access the shed was to drive around the block to the street that borders the back of the yard.

You've already seen the after picture of the front of the house.  I shared that when this series began.

The porch they added is really cute, don't you think?

Here's one of my favorite parts.  The backyard is so much better!  They cleaned up the area around the little stream that runs through the back of the property and added a little bridge so the storage shed was accessible with out driving around the block.

They also added a small deck and patio to the back. 

Now, let's revisit the idea that this is a "magic" house.  I started saying the house was magic because it never lost power when the rest of us in the neighborhood did (we've probably lost power three times so far this year).  In all likelihood, this house is connected to a different part of the power grid that the rest of us.  It doesn't make sense because this house is no older than the other homes on the block.  Before the renovation, it wasn't any more prominent, either.

 Did you miss any Magic House posts?  


  1. Sometimes angels or ghosts play a protective role over a property. If you can find the history of past occupants, you might find a starting point to make guesses.

  2. I would have thought my agent was joking if I saw that place as a buyer in before condition.  Amazing transformation!


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