Before & After in The Magic House: The Living Spaces

Working with the Magic House's before pictures is starting to depress me, so I'm going to cover all of the interiors in one big post today.  It's not that the house was in terrible condition, it just needed to be taken care of better.  The neglect in some of the pictures makes me a little sad.

The fact that there's still a real estate agent's lock box on the front door in this pictures makes me think that this is how the house was left.  I have to imagine that many buyers just ran the other way when they saw construction debris and unfinished projects in the house.

Moving on, let's look at these space after work was completed. 

I just found this picture from the little room that became the laundry room, which I shared yesterday.  The HVAC and water heater used to be just sitting out in the open. 


  1. I love what they did on the bedroom wall.  Really creative!


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