Before & After in The Magic House: The Kitchen & Laundry

The owner of the Magic House told me that she refused to step into the scary boiler room that was behind the kitchen when her family first moved in.  The door alone has an ominous look to it, don't you think?

The space behind the door was pretty creepy and really, really dirty.  It was probably considered storage space for the previous owners.

Looking back towards the kitchen

What do you do with a room that has a drain in the floor?  The Magic House couple turned the space into a laundry room.  It's kind of amazing that the room is downright cheerful now!

The kitchen's looking pretty cute, too.  They probably took pity on me by not sharing the before pictures of the kitchen.  They probably would have made me weep.

Here's a little post script for the bathroom post from last week.  If you've ever lived in an old house, you've probably seen a slot in the medicine cabinet.  Those where were men dumped their razors when they became dull.  I don't know why someone decided this was an awesome idea.  Maybe they didn't imagine a time when people might open up the walls to renovate.  If they did, they'd imagine this lovely pile of used razors, found behind the walls of the Magic House's bathroom:

Isn't that charming?


  1. What a difference!  We had a pre-war house that had a razor slot in the bathroom and found something similar when we opened it up, but the pile was MUCH bigger.  GROSS!!!


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