The Surprise Honeymoon

Before I share pictures from our honeymoon, I thought I'd explain how our honeymoon came to be.

If my nearly constant DIY posts didn't tip you off (and there are more DIY posts coming!), I took on a lot of projects during our wedding planning process.  Marc offered to help almost daily, but I rarely took him up on the offer.  While I loved all the crafting, I knew it wasn't his cup of tea.  I wanted Marc to think wedding planning was fun.  If I put a glue gun in his hand every time he walked in the door, Marc would probably accept it and go to work, but I knew he wouldn't be enjoying himself.

With all the little projects on my plate, I didn't feel I had any time to investigate honeymoon options.  I tried to do some reading on TripAdvisor a few times, but I'm the type who needs to research for hours before drawing a conclusion and quickly stepped away.  Marc became our honeymoon planner after I told him what I needed and what I wanted. The "must haves" were the option to do nothing by lay on the beach for a few days and the ability to see some dolphins.  The "nice to haves" were a short plane flight and no major change in time zones (I travel a bit for work and crossing more than three time zones can wipe me out).  Marc, who has been to almost every tropical island I can name, decided that we'd go to Jamaica.

He became the researcher from there.  He spent weeks on message boards and review sites comparing options.  He eventually narrowed the options down to Negril, Jamaica.  Then he decided we'd go to an all-inclusive resort.  Finally, he selected Couples Sept Away as our honeymoon destination.   

Couples Swept Away / From

For the first few days, we didn't schedule anything.  We did a lot, but we didn't have any specific time when we had to be anywhere.  I live by my Outlook calendar at home and have only taken vacations where activities or events were planned. Much of the day looked like this:

We did plenty of things, but we just didn't make appointments or reservations for those first few days.   We felt like going shopping, so we went to the concierge and had them call us a car.  We heard about a great chef, so we had the concierge call  a cab to take us to his restaurant.  We saw a two person kayak free, so we took it out into the ocean. On the morning that we forgot what day it was and didn't care what time it was, we decided the vacation had taken effect and it was time to make a few plans.

We wound up scheduling a couples massage the the resort's spa and making an appointment to swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Cove near Negril.  We read that the Dolphin Cove near us was larger than the Ocho Rio version, but not crowded and less touristy.  I'm well aware that some people don't like to see animals in captivity, but I'm grateful that we had the chance to interact with the dolphins and a nurse shark that day.

Foot push by two dolphins / Photo by Dolphin Cove employee

We had heard that some of these encounter programs were cheesy, but the staff at Dolphin Cove was extremely knowledgeable.  Obviously, they had to be entertaining, but it was clear that working with the animals came first and the tourists came second.  The handler who worked with the nurse shark told us that his hope is that seeing sharks up close in this environment will make them less likely to mess with them in the wild and turn them off as consumers when they see shark products sold in shops and restaurants.

It was an amazing week of relaxation.  I'm so glad we went to an all-inclusive resort, but didn't cling to the schedule that the resort had.  By the end of the week, we were rested and happy, but ready to come home.

Next time, I'll share some reviews and recommendations for others who might be headed to Jamaica. 

What kind of vacation do you prefer?  Are you the highly scheduled tourist or are you a "go with the flow" vacationer?


  1. Total go with the flow type person!


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