Good-by from Miss Small & Chic

This is the last time I'll be writing to you as Miss.  I have to admit that the week leading up to our wedding hasn't been what I expected.  As the various weather forecasts started to line up and agree, we had to define what had been a fairly vague rain plan.

I'm a little ashamed to admit it, but I've shed some tears in the last 48 hours over the weather and the changes to our plans.  My main wishes for this day were to get married outdoors, with the Blue Ridge Mountains behind us, and to have my dog present.  Thankfully, our venue briefly lifted their "no dogs inside" rule so Baxter can be part of our ceremony.  However, getting married outdoors seems impossible right now.

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I wish I could write a dreamy, bliss-filled "morning-of-my-wedding" post like others have done before me, but I feel I have to be real.

So, good-bye from a sad Miss. While I'm thrilled to be marrying Marc and am looking forward to tonight, I'm very sad that everything from our pictures to our decor (corn hole in the rain, anyone?) will be negatively affected by the rain.


  1. Best wishes today, this weekend, and beyond! I'm sure you'll have a beautiful day, no matter what. And if it does rain, just remember that rain on a wedding day is considered an auspicious omen in some cultures. 

  2. I'm praying the rain clears up so you can at least get some nice outdoor pictures!  I'm thinking about you, and happy wedding day!  Try not to think about it too much, it was freezing during our outdoor ceremony and I just laughed it off and offered my guests the chance to warm up with free booze afterwards. ha

  3. Best of luck on that special day.  Praying for bright, sunny skies to bless your future.  Have a wonderful and memorable day.  You have worked so hard to deserve it.  Congratulations to both families.

  4. So sorry to hear of the weather not cooperating, however, In a year you'll have a different perspective.  Because of the extremely high energy surrounding a Bride, the emotional response to the slightest glitch often results in tears, although realize the rain is no minor thing, but from what I've seen, your wedding will still be exceptional!!  Don't let the rain drain you of precious energy!  Spent a week just outside of C'ville, in Afton, in May and it is one of the most beautiful places I've visited and I've traveled the US widely, from Hawaiian islands to Vermont.  I fell in love!  So, be happy you get to look at those mountains any time you choose.  Think you very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place. Best wishes for abundant happiness!

  5. Don't feel bad about crying! I did the exact same thing, trust me. In fact, there will always be things you'd go back and change if you could (we kept joking about "next time..." har har). But the most important thing is all the love from that day- no weather or ring-bearer's refusal to wear his shoes or caterers running out of plates can take that away from you! So happy for you, and I'm waiting with bated breath for the photos.

  6. Actually, that poem didn't post well. Much better to read it here:

  7. So far it's holding off, Jeannine, but I know the forecast is not great. You bring a gorgeous touch to everything you do, you just can't help it. This weather won't define your wedding -- it's just the big background picture, but in the foreground will be you and Marc (and Baxter!) glowing with the once-in-a-lifetime joy of this particular moment, this joining of lives.  Not to be too hokey. And not to say I don't totally understand your feeling sad and disappointed. I'm sorry the day isn't as sunny as you always seem to be.Still, all of your hard work won't be for naught.  Corn hole in the rain sounds good to me! Funny, and fun, and ALIVE, like the work you do and the art/design you value. The way I see you -- as Ms. Small and Chic Cville/Dean J -- you bring meaning, grace, and beauty to the small details; you illuminate the everyday corners and corridors for your readers, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances. This wedding is going to shine because it's your wedding. 

    Here is a poem I love, by Edwin Morgan -- about love outdoors, and strawberries and sugar...and a storm. Best wishes to you and Marc on this glorious day! 

    STRAWBERRIESThere were never strawberries
    like the ones we had
    that sultry afternoon
    sitting on the step
    of the open french window
    facing each other
    your knees held in mine
    the blue plates in our laps
    the strawberries glistening
    in the hot sunlight
    we dipped them in sugar
    looking at each other
    not hurrying the feast
    for one to come
    the empty plates
    laid on the stone together
    with the two forks crossed
    and I bent towards you
    sweet in that air
    in my arms
    abandoned like a child
    from your eager mouth
    the taste of strawberries
    in my memory
    lean back again
    let me love youlet the sun beat
    on our forgetfulness
    one hour of all
    the heat intense
    and summer lightning
    on the Kilpatrick hillslet the storm wash the plates

  8. I'll be thinking happy thoughts for you, Jeannine!  It will be wonderful no matter what!

  9. I know it sucks right now but in years to come it will probably end up as a great story. Have a wonderful time and enjoy every minute.

  10. Congratulations! Bad weather makes good pictures. ;) I'm sure you'll have many unexpected wonderful memories from your stormy wedding day. Wishing you and Marc all the best today, and I can't wait to see pics of G and M all dressed up.

  11. best wishes to you!  i'm sure the wedding will be beautiful!

  12. Best wishes Jeannine!! Rain or not, it will still be so beautiful thanks to all of the thoughtful planning that you and Marc have put into it. Thanks for sharing it with us on your blog!!!

  13. j - no doubt, your wedding day will be beautiful, no matter what! i shared the same feelings when i got married last august - and it did rain a bit, but for the most part, no one cared - in fact, the rain cooled the air, guests sat out on the porch and sipped lemonade, it was charming. i'm still hoping the rain will hold off for you. still, all of your prep is not in vain. take some time for yourself - in the still, in the quiet - before the hustle and bustle sweeps you up; trust your vendors; savor the time you have with dear family and friends. the wedding day will be beautiful - and the marriage that follows even more so! - a


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