Wedding Poaching

With a little over a month to go before our wedding, it's time to wrap up loose ends.  I have a few unfinished projects and need to get started on the paper related projects that I couldn't tackle too early.  Complicating my plans is a business trip that has taken me away from Charlottesville for a week.

I decided to use a break in appointments to go to the only Christmas Tree Shoppe in my region to get candles for the glass votive holders that I bought a few weeks ago. I already bought some huge, pillar candles for my Christmas Tree Shop lanterns months ago and knew they sold votive candles in bulk.

I made a beeline for the candle section as soon as I walked through the doors of shop.  Stacks of votive candles took up the entire bottom shelf of the section and the candles were arranged by color.  On both ends of the candle rainbow, there were empty spaces.  There wasn't a single white votive holder in the section.  In disbelief, I circled the racks thinking that there was some magic supply of white candles that I had overlooked. 

After picking up a few random items, I made my way to the check out, a little sad that I didn't accomplish my mission for the trip. As I looked around, I noticed the area where staff seem to be items that need to be returned to the shelves.  Next to the "go back" bins was a shopping cart...

After I checked out, I scurried to the cart and found a candle stash.  All those white candles that were missing from the shelves seemed to be right in front of me. Had some shopper momentarily abandoned their cart or were these headed back to the shelves?  I went to the customer service desk to ask and got some bad news.

The candles were on hold.  Another bride had set them aside a day ago. The clerk at the customer service desk said that there had been a sign on the cart saying she was coming back that night.  The manager overheard and said that the sign came off this morning, once 24 hours had passed since she put the candles on hold.  They were mine to take!

I felt a little guilty as I pulled package after package of candles out of the cart.  I felt like I was poaching items from another bride's wedding.  When the manager came over and thanked me for saving them from putting all of the candles back on the shelves, I felt a little better.

Did you have to get a little competitive with other brides during your wedding planning?  Are you especially proud that you acquired something that was rare in high demand for your wedding?


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