A Lesson in Linens

Back in December, I contemplated ordering linens that were a close match to my bridesmaids' dresses.  Our venue's beautiful reception space was a wonderful, but fairly neutral slate.  I'm not a fan of overly colorful lighting schemes, so the linens seemed like a natural place to bring in that pretty blue.

A Craigslist seller led me to the company that had linens that were almost a perfect match for J. Crew's Matisse Blue dresses.  I ordered a swatch to be sure and was pretty excited when it came.  The napkins had to be ordered in increments of 12, so I wound up with more than I thought I would need. 

Just a few weeks ago, I started thinking about the rustic tables that our venue, Pippin Hill, has for use around the space.  They don't exactly fit with my vision for the space.  I met our DOC, Amanda Gray, at the venue to talk about the placement of those tables and decide on how they'd be draped.

We decided to drape five of the tall, bar height tables that are on the patio, where our cocktail hour will be held.  We also decided to put one large, rectangular table on the patio for my escort card board, guestbook poster, and card box.  Those items would be moved inside to another draped table during the reception.  We also decided to drape the cake table at the far end of the space, under a huge mirror.

I quickly placed an order with TableLinensforLess.com for the linens we'd need.  They arrived in just a few days and I laid them out on my sofa to take a look at them.

I got confused when every single tablecloth had rounded corners.  Five of the tables were round, but I had ordered square or rectangular tablecloths for the other tables.  I checked and double checked, thinking that I missed something.  Alas, every one of them was rounded.

I called the company a little worried and the customer service representative calmly explained that when rectangular or square tables get over a certain size, rounding the corners helps the tablecloth drape properly.  She said that if the fabric was a perfect square or rectangle, the corners who puddle on the floor and not look right. I sheepishly apologized for bothering them and explained that I had never ordered linens as large as these before.

Talk about an embarrassing moment!  I was certain there had been some sort of mistake.  I'm so thankful that the customer service person was understanding.

Did you have a moment when you were convinced something wedding related was wrong and all was just fine?


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