The Five-Shoe Bride

I'm embarrassed to share this, I am currently looking for my fifth pair of wedding shoes.  I'm kicking myself.  I was in denial about the height of the J. Crew d'orsays that I scored for $8 a year ago.  At a fitting on Saturday, my seamstress looked at me prancing and swooshing around her shop and told me something had to change.  She either had to hem the skirt of the dress or I had to get higher heels.

Now, the shoes are a tad large on me to start with and I was only going to wear them for the ceremony as a result.  Combining too-large heels and a too-long skirt might result in me being flat on my face at some point on the walk down the aisle.  Instead of hemming the dress, I've decided to use this as an opportunity to buy a new pair of shoes that actually fit and were comfortable.  I also decided that I would look for a pair of wedges for the outdoor ceremony. 

In looking for a pair of wedges that were formal enough to wear with my wedding gown, I've been surprised by how limited the options are.  Surly there are enough people out there getting married outdoors to warrant a nice selection of special occasion shoes with a wedge heel? 

So far, the only shoe I've found has been the this one by Nina:

Nina Electra via

Part of me thinks that I should just put a pair in my shopping basket and call of the search for other options.  With the wedding around the corner, I should really have the shoe situation squared away by now.  I never imagined that I'd still be looking at shoes just weeks before my wedding.

Did you leave anything to the last minute in your wedding planning?  How did things work out?


  1. So sorry the other pair didn't work out - but we did have a bride last year wear a similar pair of Nina's (not the same) for an outdoor wedding and reception and she was very comfortable all day! I hope the search for the right pair is fruitful!

  2. Hello!  I have had extremely painful and/or too large shoes that I fixed with Dr. Scholls inserts (arch inserts, heel pads etc).  Once it took me about $30 worth (darned Aldo doesn't make half sizes, which I discovered far too late was an issue) but I can wear them now!  Might be worth a shot?  I am a sucker for J.Crew AND D'Orsays, so I just had to try to help you save them!  : )

  3. I bought those same shoes and they KILLED--couldnt even make it throught the fitting!!! Make sure they have a good return policy. I had better luck with these...More expensive, but who wants to be thinking about how bad your feet are killing you on your wedding day?

  4.  I'm wearing these for my wedding at Keswick Vineyards in June.  If you add a shoe clip to the elastic they are a good compromise and I know my feet won't be killing me at the end of the night.  Since you don't really see the shoes much anyways you could always change shoes for the portraits if you don't like the look.  I also like the idea that I am donating a pair of shoes to someone in need by wearing these!  This was a win for me!

  5. I have had multiple pairs of Ninas through the years.  They are my go-to brand for formal shoes as you can stand and walk in them for hours.  Those are cute and should get you through the day with flying colors!


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