DIY Wedding Program Fans, Part 2

I took a break from sharing pictures of our program fan project to tell you about attending the Jorge Manuel Upon a Star event I attended with Mrs. Pony.  It's time to get back to those details!  As you may remember, I had the print center at work print our programs with some pretty bad results.  A trip to an independent print shop fixed everything.  I didn't have too many extra sheets of the expensive card stock I ordered from Cards & Pockets, so the second printer had to use the backs of the pieces that were used (ruined?) by the first. 

When I got home, I used a corner punch to round the corners of the card stock sheets.  This was surprisingly time consuming work.  The Martha Stewart punch I used could only handle two sheets of card stock at a time.  I had 200 sheets of card stock and four corners on each sheet, so I had 400 punches to make (it actually took more than that because I didn't discover the punch could take two sheets until I was a good bit into the stack of paper).

I followed Weddingbee's Mrs. Bunting's advice and used some packing tape to secure the fan sticks I bought on Etsy to the card stock. I had to stare at that first, botched print job for hours while I taped. 

I've extolled the virtues of the adhesive tape runner before and like others before me, found it to be the perfect tool for securing the two sides of the program fan together.  You can just barely see the shiny lines of adhesive in the picture I took of this step:

Finally, I had to line up the two sides of the program and apply pressure to get them to stick together.  The second printer did the cuts for me and the two sides were exactly the same size, but I did my best.  

When it came time to assemble the program fans, I was a little disappointed.  Some of the ink on the "inside" of the fans could be seen around the edges once the fan was put together.

I contemplated painting the edges or running marker around them, but that should have been done before they were put together.  What's more, when I tested using a marker on the edges, the paper soaked up the ink unevenly and the result wasn't very nice looking.

If I was doing this project six months ago, the perfectionist in me would have scrapped everything and started over.  I am giving myself permission to use the fans as they are.  I hope people can focus on the illustration and program content instead of the edges.

Did you have to settle for less than perfect results on a project you tackled during wedding planning?


  1. I guarantee you that no one will notice the little blemishes! And, as much as I know ceremony programs are important to us, the brides, they're not always the take-away from the day :) 


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