Tracking Wedding Invitations

Once you put your wedding invitations in the mail, you hope that friends and family will call or write to let you know that they've arrived at some of their destinations.  I'm lucky to have an amazing post office and super responsive guests that resulted in RSVPs in our mailbox within three days.  However, I still wanted to track our invitations in a more systematic way.

Since putting delivery confirmations on every envelope was out of the question, I thought I'd embed a Google Analytics tracker into our wedding website to monitor traffic.  That plan didn't work out because I used a pre-made template for our website and I couldn't do too, too much editing to the HTML code behind it.  I found and alternative that has been working out quite well. is a website URL shortening service.  I use it for my Twitter accounts all the time so links can fit into the 140 character messages I send out as tweets.  I've used Bitly for years because it tracks all sorts of statistics for my tweets and I can gauge what content is most interesting for my audience.  I decided to use a Bitly url to link to our registry on our wedding website.

Many wedding website services have automated the task of adding a registry, but you can usually opt to set up your own page.  I grabbed a logo from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and resized it to work for our page.  Then I made the entire image link to the Bitly URL that is tied to our wedding website.

I actually set this up months ago, just before our Save the Date cards went in the mail.  I have a few months of data to look at on my Bitly code's statistics page.  Some clicks are obviously from the Save the Dates being received. A few people also clicked around the holidays. Obviously, there's a little more activity now.  My wedding is small, so I'll never see dozens of clicks.  This is about what I expected.

It's kind of neat to imagine those clicks being tried to an invitation being opened!

Have you done any tracking via your wedding website?  What trends did you see?


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