Registry Regret, Part 2

Recent events have shattered my opinion of Waterford.  I'm so sad over this because Waterford has been part of so many celebrations and holidays in my life.  And, as someone with an Irish heritage, I also felt that collecting Waterford somehow connected me to my Irish roots (perhaps a little silly of me since Waterford moved a lot of their production to Eastern Europe).

I grew up admiring the Waterford pieces that my grandmother, aunts, and mother owned.  I loved to help my mother set the table for the holidays because I enjoyed handling her beautiful Waterford glasses and napkin rings.  When we were done, the table would sparkle!  The little girl in me loved all that bling!

I picked my Waterford crystal pattern, Kelsey, when I was in graduate school. I love it.  When I picked out fine china, I thought it was kind of special that the pattern was by Waterford.  A month after I registered, I noticed that Macy's started listing a few pieces of the china were no longer available.  I immediately called Waterford Customer Service and the representative who took my call assured me that my pattern, Jaipur, wasn't going anywhere and that it was so popular that they couldn't keep up with demand.  I moved my registry over to Bed, Bath, and Beyond after, where all the pieces were available.

Well, that Waterford representative was wrong.

Clockwise from top: Kelsey stemware by Waterford / Pointe d'Esprit flatware by Monique Lhuillier / Jaipur silver charger by Michael Aram for Waterford / Jaipur five piece place setting by Michael Aram for Waterford / All images from

When I finally found out that Jaipur was discontinued, I had received five place settings and the ten chargers that I had on my registry.  The pieces that were left flipped back and forth between available and out of stock on many of the usual websites (BBB, Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Amazon).  So, it seems as though the end of the supply was quite near.  Replacements, Ltd. didn't have much to offer.

Had the customer service rep told me that Jaipur was being discontinued (or even told me that she wasn't sure), I would have picked a different place setting.  I realize that this is one of those "first world problems" that doesn't really matter in the long run, but I'm so frustrated!

Did you have anything on your registry become discontinued?  Did you pick an alternative or just hope that supplies lasted until after your wedding?


  1. Macy's did me wrong with my china, too.  Shame on them.

  2. My friend registered for Waterford - 12 pieces in 12 different patterns.  Her rationale was that 1.) if a piece broke down the line, which is more likely than not, she could easily replace it with the same...or different pattern, and 2.) no need for wine charms...everyone seated at the table or walking around has a unique wine glass.  Brilliant!

  3. Dear Jeannine, My name is Sebastian Herald and I am the CEO of Michael Aram, a company owned by the designer of the same name who designed your Jaipur pattern for Waterford. I just wanted you to know how sad I was to read this posting and how deeply I wish we could help you. We amicably ended our partnership with Waterford and, though we still hold them in very high regard, it was these sorts of issues that lead us to feel more secure in this category on our own. One of the things we did ask of them very earnestly was that they take care of the many, many people who had registered for Michael Aram's patterns for Waterford and they gave us their assurance that they would. Clearly that didn't get executed as we might have hoped. Again, I'm afraid we can do nothing to help you with this as the manufacturing and supply was always handled by Waterford. I will say that I hope you will be able to reinstill your faith in Waterford based on their tremendous heritage as a brand as well as on their direct lore in your own life. In the meanwhile, I wanted you to know that Michael will be launching his own dinnerware collection in January of 2013. Perhaps you will find a design that reaches you as keenly as Jaipur did (unfortunately, Waterford contractually owns the Jaipur art). Either way, I wanted you to know that we care very much that you had a bad experience and that we are sorry it related to something Michael designed. Hopefully you will be able to complete your set through the remaining venues that have it so that you can put that episode behind you. In the meanwhile, we're here and we wish you a hearty congratulations on your benchmark event. All the best, Sebastian Herald

  4. My flatware pattern (Reed & Barton) was discontinued just before my wedding!  A number of people had ordered place settings, only to be told weeks later that they were discontinued and would not be sent (after being on "backorder").  I've been able to finish off my 12 place settings through ebay, but it's frustrating to think how hard it will be to get replacements over the years as pieces inevitably go missing  or get damaged!


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