Wednesday, April 11, 2012

RSVP Delight (and a Vow to Become a Better Wedding Guest)

Last Saturday started a nice little trend in my life.  When I open my mailbox at the end of each day, there are three RSVPs inside.  Every time I open the envelopes, I'm surprised and delighted by the responses.  As I walked home from work last night, I started to reflect on why I have such a strong, emotional reaction to receiving confirmation that our friends and family are attending our wedding.

Our invitations went out at a time of year when many of the students with whom I work are dealing with some big decisions.  A few that are disappointed with their options take their frustration out on me.  Knowing where they are in their lives, I can take it, but after a day of talking to people who are sad or angry, it's really nice to open that mail box and see those little reply cards.  I guess they have a similar therapeutic effect as Junior Mink's excited greeting and wagging tail after a rough day. 

I'm so happy that the "yes" replies come early.  I guess at some point, I might hear a sad trombone when opening envelopes, but the responses are all positive so far.  I'm also happy that people tend to add a little something extra to their cards.  Want to see?

I usually try to write a little note on wedding RSVP cards, but I'm going to be sure I always, always do it from now on.  It's amazing how your perspective on weddings changes when you're on the planning side of them!  In the future, I vow to...
  • Always return RSVP cards immediately after receiving a wedding invitation.
  • Always write a nice note on the RSVP card.
  • Settle on a gift early to avoid discontinued patterns
  • Have Mr. Mink get measured early for any tuxedo rentals
  • Comment on the bride's shoes (I started doing this a year matter!)
I'm sure I'll have an even longer list once the wedding is over!

Have you changed your behavior as a wedding guest after going through the planning process?  What do you vow to do now that you've been on the other side of planning a wedding?
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  1. I hear ya on the RSVP thing. Mine are due back to us in a week and a half and we have a ways to go. My sister had people not even respond for my shower. It's definitely different when you're planning!


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