Hiting the Planning Slump (and Some Chair Signs)

You may have noticed something hanging out on the side of the corn hole boards I painted a few months ago.  It was a plaque that planned to paint and use on the back of our chairs at our reception.  I painted two plaques with the same light blue paint that I used on the corn hole boards and then I stalled out.  The plaques sat for weeks.  I attended to other projects and the blank pieces of wood stared back at me.

I believe this means I have entered what some would call a planning rut.  The wedding is soon, but not soon enough!  From what I've read on the Weddingbee boards, this is fairly common.  At some point, you want to stop with the planning and hurry up with the marrying.

On top of this feeling, I am coming to the end of my DIY list.  Marc worried about whether I'd be sad when I was done with the projects.  I laughed at him, thinking that there was no way I'd be done early. But now I'm almost done with the projects that really excite me (the ones that involve painting), I'm not especially motivated to tackle anything else (programs, escort cards, etc).

I eventually started feeling a little guilty about ignoring those plaques.  So, I stenciled letters onto them halfheartedly one day and then set them aside.  A few more weeks passed.  I realized that if I didn't get something going, I would start feeling rushed and might not take as much time with them.

Oops...that M is a little wonky

I wanted to mimic the round monogram that I had used on other projects, but I couldn't get it to work while holding the plaques horizontally.  I wanted them to lay this way because they would fit perfectly on the chiavari chairs that our venue has.  So, I eventually decided to just paint what came to me on the first plaque and copy it onto the second. 

Since the plaques are wood, I would need some picture hanging hardware to hang them.  Luckily, I recently switched over to those Command picture hanging strips and had pulled some hardware off a few frames. 

By some random luck, the hardware I yanked off those picture frames was almost the perfect width for the ribbon I wanted to use to hang the plaques on our chairs.  Score!

I wasn't as excited with the final result as I was with other projects, but that might be regret over my painting projects being finished.  Marc thinks they're cute and didn't even mention the wonky M on his plaque (I tried to fix it as best as I could).

I think I'm still in the planning slump, but I'm hoping to pull myself out of it this week with an eventful trip to the post office.

Did you experience a wedding planning slump?  How did you deal with it?


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