Giving in to Temptation

I think I've mentioned that I am a lover of bridal fashion in the past.  Fashion, in general, hasn't excited me in years, but there's something about bridal that I really love.  I absolutely loved shopping for a wedding gown and eagerly anticipate the designer bridal fashion shows that happen each spring and fall.  So, when I checked into my hotel on a recent business trip to Washington, DC, my heart quickened when I realized that I was staying next to Saks Jandel, a luxury store that has a fabulous bridal salon.  Every time I left the hotel, a frothy, romantic Oscar de la Rental wedding gown seemed to playfully call me to come in and fawn over the designer frocks inside the store.

While I'm not the type to second guess my dress at the sight of another, I realize that it's not very nice to monopolize the staff at a bridal salon if one isn't in search of a wedding gown.  In an attempt to do something wedding related in the evenings after my work was done for the day, I decided to look for my under-the-dress items.  In addition to Saks Jandel (an independent store, not affiliated with Saks Fifth Avenue), the neighborhood where I'm staying has Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom Rack, Lohmann's, and a Saks Fifth Avenue.  The intimates departments in the department stores have been taken over by Spanx and shape wear.  Traditional lingerie (bustiers, corsets, etc.) is hard to find. 

The final round of disappointment came at Saks Fifth Avenue.  As I headed towards the exit empty handed and tired, I saw a name that would excite anyone who loves bridal fashion: Elie Saab

Posts by past Bees about shopping for a fragrance to wear on their weddings days were in my mind as I picked up the bottle of Elie Saab's new perfume, just called Le Perfum.  I'm usually a creature of habit when it comes to perfume, wearing the same fragrances for years on end, but the Elie Saab tester had me thinking about switching things up and buying something just for my wedding day.

I wasn't ready to commit, so after chatting with the salesperson for a little while, I sprayed one wrist and figured I'd see how I felt about the scent after it had some time to sit on my skin for a while.  

I picked up a few more bottles as I made my way to the door and stopped at another one, Dahlia Noir by Givenchy.  The scent seemed a bit more traditional to me, but I found it as appealing as Elie Saab's perfume.

I sprayed my other wrist with the Givenchy perfume and went on my way.  I imagine anyone who saw me walking down the street thought it was odd that I sniffed my wrists every now and then as I made my way to dinner, but I was having a pretty hard time deciding which perfume I liked better.

On my way back to my hotel that night, I went back into Saks and made my purchase.  Want to see what I wound up with in my bag?

Hotel room iphone photo

I couldn't choose!  This felt like a pretty big splurge and perhaps the salesperson sensed that because she loaded me down with samples. So, I have in to some temptation, but not what was originally temping me. 

Did you buy a special perfume just for your wedding day?  Did you splurge on something else that was extra special?


  1. I splurged on shoes :) I didn't think that would be 'my thing' to splurge on until these kate spades walked right into my life and insisted I buy them. We also ultimately decided to splurge on a custom hnadmade wedding album - that is something you'll never be able to replace! Check out my blog:


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