Getting Philatic and the Guest List Grows

I never thought I would get excited over stamps.  I know there are some cute stamps that are used for weddings out there, but none of them really excited me when I was getting our invitations ready.  I looked at the custom stamp option, but didn't feel very motivated to create any for our invitations.  Well, thank goodness I wasn't quick to buy stamps because I found out about these beauties a week ago on the Weddingbee boards.

The Cherry Blossom Centennial stamp debuted on Saturday and I was quick to snap up six sheets of them for our wedding invitations.  Mailing our invitation requires two 45 cent postage stamps, so the fact that the cherry blossom design spreads across two stamps is perfect.  The added bonus was that the colors would look nice with our invitation design and the image included the Jefferson Memorial.  Thomas Jefferson, if you didn't know, lived here in Charlottesville.

I thought I'd show you our envelopes with those cherry blossom stamps on them.  I realize that these might look a tad busy to some, but I like having all that blue and pink on the envelope.  It sort of gives a hint about what's inside, doesn't it?

Of course, things never go exactly according to plan and we had three additions to the guest list after we had already sent our envelopes to Liz Bartucci of Tuccicursive.  One omission was my fault.  The other two were lovely, older couples who invited themselves in such a sweet way that we acquiesced.  We aren't the first and we sure won't be the last to have late additions to our guest list, right?

I went through a slew of fonts and decided on a simple script to print envelopes for those three late invitations.  I think they turned out just fine.

I'm happy that we are extending these extra invitations because I know those two couples will be excited to receive them.  However, they also make me think of a few friends that we weren't able to put on our guest list.  Part of me thinks "what's one or two more people?" while another part wants to adhere to our established plan to have an intimate wedding within the budget we set long ago.

Did you have last minute additions to your guest list?  How did you feel about the additions?


  1. It's really difficult to plan a wedding. I could pretty much relate to this post because I had been stressed with my own Long Island wedding last year. It was exciting at first but the pressure get's the best of you once you only have weeks before the special day. But it's all worth it after all. 

  2. Those stamps are perfect!  I love them!  We had a few late additions to our guest list... the guest list is the worst part of wedding planning, in my opinion!  I hated feeling like I was leaving people out.

  3. Melinda@PoshPurposeAugust 5, 2013 at 6:16 PM

    These stamps are so beautiful!  I love this idea and reposted it on my blog -  Love reading your posts and you have really great ideas!  Thanks for sharing!

  4. I agree with kate, the guest list IS the worst part. Incredibly stressful! We had quite a few people 'pencil in' dates on the RSVP. I DO believe that they are truly ignorant that it is BAD ETIQUETTE to pencil in a guest when the invite doesn't say 'and guest.' It all worked out in the end though, and one extra head is worth saving yourself from the drama of confronting them!

    In other news, the envelopes are gorgeous and I am LOVING the stamps!

    Check out my wedding blog!


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