Getting Better at Getting Gifts

I am an extremely enthusiastic gift giver.  Marc is the same way.  We start thinking about holiday presents around Halloween because we each like to determine the exactly perfect gift that will make a friend or loved one feel special.  When the shoe is on the other foot, we're both effusive recipients of gifts, but I have to admit that I've recently felt funny (maybe the right word is guilty?) at the thought of someone buying us a wedding gift.

That's not to say I'm not delighted by the gifts we've recieved.  I love them!  However, I think hearing comments like "cover your plate" when it comes to weddings (meaning your gift should cost as much as the meal you are served) has made me uncomfortable.  It's as if there's a quid pro quo (this for that) expectation around weddings sometimes.  I cringe at the idea of my guests feeling obligated to give us gifts.

One day last week, as I thought about why a conversation about gifts with my maid of honor made me uncomfortable, I realized that my friends and family are quite capable of deciding if they want to give us a gift and I need to stop feeling badly about it.

It seems almost fitting that this arrived the evening that I had my epiphany:

What could Elisa and Edward Bricker of Elisa B Photography possibly be sending me?  Why would these people who we are paying to photograph our wedding send us something now?

The answer is because they wanted to.  They sent us a box of chocolates from the chocolatier whose shop is down the street and a lovely note about how excited they are for the wedding.  It was the first test of my new mindset about gifts and I did just fine.  I only felt guilty that they enclosed a business card.  I know those beautiful, thick letterpress cards are expensive!


What kind of gift recipient are you?  How have you felt about being showered with gifts from friends and family?


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