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While I love bridal fashion, I don't particularly like shopping for other kinds of clothes.  I have always been much more excited about paint, fabric, and furniture than about fashion.  The idea of shopping for a rehearsal dinner dress was not appealing.

 I originally thought I'd wear one of the dresses I bought for myself during the big J. Crew sale where I got my bridesmaids' dresses.  Alas, I hadn't yet heard that brides-to-be wear white dresses to rehearsal dinners.  I don't think this is a hard and fast rule, but it definitely seems like a fairly common practice.

I can only think of one attending one rehearsal dinner where the bride wore white, so I thought I'd brush off what might be a new tradition.  But the idea grew on me.  I started to think that it was kind of sweet that brides were embracing white dresses beyond the wedding day. 

I didn't have the time to do extensive shopping during my busy season at work, so I looked for a rehearsal dinner dress online. I guess I did something pretty predictable to those who have followed my posts: I looked for white dresses on the J. Crew website.  It's the one company whose clothes I can buy without trying them on.  Most of the short, white dresses they had were casual, but one creamy, beige dress caught my eye.  White is an odd color for some of us with super pale skin, so the redheaded model wearing the dress made me think "sweet almond" would work out for me. 

The dress came in two days (hooray for living near the J. Crew headquarters!).  I have the same dress in two other fabrics, so I knew it would be flattering, but I wasn't sure about the color.  It's definitely not white, but I think it'll work.

Have you noticed more brides wearing white at their rehearsal dinners?  Do you think this is a new tradition?


  1. I was beyond determined to find a white / ivory dress for the rehearsal dinner. And then I went to anthropologie. I found this dress that I fell in love with - on sale for $60!! - that has an ivory bust and a big fluffy floral skirt below the waistline's ivory ribbon. So I ended up going for a partially ivory dress that is business on top and party on the bottom and I could not be happier with my choice! Not only do I love it, I will totally wear it again.


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