A Little Sparkle (A Discussion of Decision Fatigue)

You may remember that I started looking for wedding shoes before I started shopping for my wedding gown. Making appointments at bridal salons seemed like a big step and looking at shoes online seemed like a good way to ease myself into thinking about my bridal "look."  I didn't mention that at the same time, I was also looking at a lot of jewelry.

I knew that I wouldn't buy any jewelry until I had my dress, but it didn't hurt to look at options, right?  As I gathered inspiration pictures, I found myself gravitating towards statement necklaces.

Necklace from Dillard's / From Style Me Pretty / Photo by Aruna B. Photography

Big, beautiful necklaces are so popular right now.  I haven't seen a single one that I don't love.  From the bib necklace to chunky pearls to necklaces with color, I think all statement necklaces on brides look fantastic.  This is one trendy item that I don't think I'll tired of seeing.

I started assuming that I'd wear the simple, diamond stud earrings that I wear every day on my wedding day and find the most amazing statement necklace to be my main piece of jewelry on by big day.  Even before I had a color scheme in mind for our wedding, I was thinking of wearing a necklace that had color. 

Anyone who is on the back half of the wedding planning journey is probably chuckling at my making this decision before I tried on a single dress.  Weeks later, I won my wedding gown and was flown to Charleston to pick it up at the Maddison Row bridal salon.  About two minutes after I had my dress on, shop manager Lindsay and Wedding Row/Smitten Magazine editor Della MacNickolas commented that my dress was a "no necklace" dress.

I agreed with them, especially since I like to wear my hair down.  An ornate bodice with my mop of red hair (I have a lot of hair) and a statement necklace would probably look very fussy. We decided some sparkle on my wrist and ears would probably look best.

Shopping for jewelry isn't something I do often.  As I mentioned above, I wear the same earrings every day.  Marc has given me jewelry over the years.  I immediately started to worry about earrings and made a few impulse purchases as a result.

 An email from Saks about a big jewelry sale sent me to their website and I showed a few options to my Maid of Honor, who is a bit of a jewelry collector.  The options I liked best:

 My MOH suggested I eliminate one pair and order the other two, knowing that I could return one or both if they didn't work out.  She was pulling for the pair on the far right, but I was worried about how large they were and thought the pair on the far left was best.  I ordered those two and showed them both to my MOH when they arrived.  We agreed that both were beautiful, but the ones on the right looked a little more special.  I sent the pair on the left back.  Lesson learned: trust my MOH with jewelry decisions.

That should have been the end of the earring discussion, but I worried that the sterling silver on the pair I kept didn't go well with the creamy ivory color of my dress.  I was also a little uncomfortable with how heavy they were.  I know many people wear earrings that are far bigger and heavier, going from wearing a pair of studs every day to one of those is a bit of a change for me!

I started to look at sparkly, gold, button style earrings at this point. I found so many fantastic options. My three favorites were from Kate Spade and J. Crew.  The J. Crew earrings sold out online almost immediately after they came out, so when I saw them at a brick and mortar store, I snapped them up.

Now I had two pairs of earrings that were very different. I was a year away from my wedding, so I decided to just tuck both pairs away and revisit my jewelry closer to the wedding.  A few months later, around the time that most other brides would have been thinking about jewelry, one of my aunts generously offered to loan me some of her jewelry as my "something borrowed."  Clearly, it'd be exciting to wear something with some family history.  I thought I'd go home for the holidays and we'd have some fun looking at the options, but my busy season at work kept me in Virginia this year.

I'm closer to the big day now, but I am avoiding thinking about jewelry entirely. Is this the start of the decision fatigue that strikes many brides?  We make so many decisions throughout the planning process that at some point, we don't want to deal with certain details.  My dream scenario right now is that someone will hand me some jewelry as I'm getting ready and the decision will be made.

Have you dealt with decision fatigue?  What aspect of your wedding did it affect and how did you deal with it?


  1. I love those fabulous bridal jewelries. They're very stylish and I like all the diamond and gold details of this jewelry. 

  2. For me, the jewelry I wore was never a question. My sister wore some pearl earrings that my late grandfather got for my grandmother when he was stationed in Guam in the 1960's. I knew I had to wear those too. Just too special to NOT wear. As for the necklace, My parents got my sister and I a strand of pearls when we turned 16. A wardrobe staple. I love my pearls and would wear them no matter if they matched my dress or not. 

    Um, SERIOUS decision fatigue when it came to cake toppers. I know, random and silly RIGHT? We just ordered them last night and we're only 36 days to our wedding. Yikes!


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