Getting Professional Help

Way back when we first got engaged, I considered hiring a wedding planner. I was worried about how much time I'd have to devote to planning between business travel in the fall and my busy season at work in the winter and spring.  I spoke with a number of coordinators in the area about full or partial planning, but realized that I didn't necessarily want to hand the reigns over to someone else during this process.

Like many other brides, I decided to look for a Day of Coordinator.  The advanced planning would be fun, but I wanted someone to take over at the end.   I want to make sure our contracts are executed properly, that we stay relatively close to our yet-to-be-determined timeline, and that both our guests and vendors are taken care of properly.  In a nutshell, I wanted someone to tend to the details on the big day so I can relax and enjoy the hours leading up to the walk down the aisle.

As I met with "day of" coordinators (DOCs), I realized that I was most attracted to those who exuded a sense of calm.  Obviously, being assertive is a characteristic that all coordinators have, but not all put out a soothing vibe.  While I try to be laid back much of the time, I definitely have bouts of worrying and I knew that having a calm, even keeled coordinator would be a blessing for me on our wedding day.  This realization led me to Amanda Gray of Ashley Baber Weddings.

Besides having the personality that seems perfectly cut out for coordinating events, Amanda also offered open communication between the time when I signed a contact with her and the wedding.  She also offered three planning meetings, at intervals of my choosing, during the planning period.  This didn't seem to be standard.  Many DOCs offer services during the week or month leading up to a wedding, but I felt Amanda's contract was the most generous when it came to time. 

 Photo by Allegra's Studio

My business trips and busy season haven't given me much time for planning meetings, but I don't think a week goes by without emails, tweets, or Facebook messages bouncing back and forth between me and Amanda.  I also know that she's keeping an eye on my blogging.  I feel as though she's been alongside me during this planning process and will be ready to take over when the big day is here.

Photo by Elisa Bricker of Elisa B Photography / Posted with permission

Did you hire a Day of Coordinator?  What characteristics or personality type did you look for?  How did it work out?


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