Taking a Shortcut Pays Off

I made a fabric board for our guests' escort cards a few weeks ago and wasn't quite sure how I'd finish it.  I considered propping the board up on an easel, but also thought about putting the board in a large frame and putting it on a table, leaning against a wall.

The board is 24 inches by 36 inches and a frame large enough for it would probably cost quite a bit.  I decided that I should visit some of my favorite antique shops to see if I could find something that would work. If that didn't work, I'd buy some cheap art at a Home Goods type store and pull it apart to use the frame.  A new frame would probably cost quite a bit.  The last time I had something framed, the framing cost as much as the piece of art I was framing.  It was my first serious piece of art, so it was worth it.  My escort card board isn't in the same league, so spending hundreds on framing it doesn't make any sense.

While picking up supplies for a project I'll share on DIY Friday, I wandered into the frame section of Michael's craft store.  I expected to see fairly plain, simple frames.  For the most part, that's what I saw.  However, in the last aisle, in the open backed frame area, there was one 24x36 frame that caught my eye.  It was wood, had a metallic finish, and has some nice detail.  The $100 price tag was a bit much, but 50% off signs lined the aisle.  I quickly took a look at the Michael's app on my phone and realized that there was a 25% off coupon for all frames and it was good on sale items. 

I did some math in my head and decided that the figure I got was too good to be true.  So I lugged the frame to the front desk and asked a salesperson to scan the code.  Sure enough, the frame rang up for $49.99.  I showed her my coupon expecting her to say it didn't apply to what I was buying, but it went through! I got that $100 frame for $37.49.

The frame is a little more "antiqued" than I wanted, but for $37, I was willing to deal with that.  Who knows...maybe I'll rub a little something on it tweak the color.

I haven't secured the escort board to the frame, but I taped it into place to snap a picture.  

I'm so glad to check another task off my list.  I don't think I have time to dig through stores right now!  We have just over three months until our wedding and I have a few weeks until my busy season is over at work. I still have to decide on what's going on this board, but that obviously can't be done until closer to the wedding.

Did you opt for any easy purchases to save yourself some time lately?


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