My first (and only) post about makeup

Confession: design bloggers that also write about fashion and style don't really appeal to me.  While I care about how I look, I am far more excited by color and design in my environment than on myself.  I almost didn't post about finding a hair and makeup artist to work with me on my wedding, day, but I figured that you all have hung with me while I've put home projects aside for a couple months and you might actually read this...

Right on the heels of my bout with feelings of being old, I realized that it was time to book a hair and makeup artist.  Some very kind friends told me that I did my own makeup well, but I honestly feel that my skills are a little lacking in that area. I have one look. I don't experiment with anything new or different. I've been using the same products for years and only changed my foundation when the TSA started limiting how much liquid we could carry on flights (I travel for business and switched to mineral foundation to avoid checking bags).

When I started my search for a hair and makeup artist, my only requirement was that they work on site.  I plan on relaxing and enjoying the beautiful bridal loft at our venue.  I don't want to be running all over town. Luckily, there are plenty of wonderful artists who are willing to work on site. 

As I looked at portfolios and blogs, I was swept up in how wonderful every image looked. There were glowing brides on their big days and beautiful models at dreamy inspiration shoots.  Slowly, I realized that I was craving diversity. I'm not a model (anymore) and I'm not in my 20s.  I wanted to find someone whose portfolio included some people who might be like me. 

Just when I thought I had looked into every possible option, Stephanie from Charlottesville's Fete blog profiled Jeanne Cusick. I quickly made a coffee date with Jeanne to talk about working together. I felt so comfortable and at ease talking to her that I knew pretty much on the spot that I would book her.  Her portfolio showed diversity, she has a calming presence, and was enthusiastic about working with me.  She also complimented my hair, something that wins me over almost instantly.

I didn't feel the need to have any other consultations, so I guess the blink theory that led to booking my photographer struck again!

Usually, I research everything to the hilt and I was worried about how I would handle wedding plans during my busy season at work, which runs from November to April.  I actually think planning during this crazy period has forced me to be more decisive. 

Now I have to figure out exactly what I want Jeanne to do with my hair!  I haven't given too, too much thought to that at this point.  I don't really know where to start!

Where did you look for hair and makeup inspiration for your wedding day look?


  1. First of all-- YAY! So glad Jeanne worked out for you :) Secondly-- your hair is AMAZING. You need to show it off! I definitely think you would look stunning with either something simple (are you doing veil or hair piece?) or a half up/down look. It could also be fun to have it in a loose updo or bun with veil during the ceremony, then pulling it down for the reception-- some "messy" waves, a pretty little barrette. 

  2. Not sure if this will help with your hair choice, but I will say that I now really regret putting my hair up for the big day. It was a great updo, but I have always had at least shoulder length hair that I always wear down just about every day. Looking back on my wedding photos now, some years later, I am always taken aback by how foreign I look with fancy hair. I definitely wish I had made another choice. No matter what you choose, I am sure you will look elegant and lovely because I think you have great taste. Otherwise, we wouldn't be following the blog, right,LOL?


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