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Pictures of bridal parties getting ready while wearing flower print kimonos hit the wedding blogs in a big way last year.  I saw them everywhere and I have to admit that I was quite smitten with the images! I looked into ordering robes for me and my bridesmaids from the company that seems to be all the rage.  Their patterns are so beautiful and I could just picture us getting ready in the bridal suite on my big day wearing them.

Upon further inspection, I thought the robes  seemed a bit short. The description says they are knee length, but they seemed to hit mid-thigh on most of the women I saw in pictures on the blogs.  Maybe they're knee length before they are tied?  They also seemed to be heading into the trendy category and when something becomes too, too popular, I often shy away from it.

I started to look for alternatives and came across this pretty robe on the Pottery Barn website. I decided to wait around and see if one of those lovely discount codes might come my way and knock the price down a little. I put the idea of getting robes for my bridesmaids on the back burner, but I checked the Pottery Barn website every now and then to see if they had gone on sale.

The Giselle Kimono Robe / From

Two weeks ago, I got a message from a hotel chain's frequent stay program saying that some of the points I've accumulated over the last decade of business travel were about to expire.  I thought I'd see if I could redeem them for something wedding related and went shopping on their website.  I had no idea that points could be redeemed for gift cards!  I didn't have enough points for any of the gift cards through that program, but I quickly logged into another company's frequent guest site and found that I had the points needed for a $200 Pottery Barn gift card.  

I had to wait a week for the physical card to come in the mail and right when it arrived, I heard that Pottery Barn had sent 10% off and 15% off codes to some people on their mailing list.  What a great news! Unfortunately, I wasn't one of the lucky ones to get a code. I put out pleas for a code on Twitter and Facebook and a day later, a local photographer sent me her 15% off code. Jackpot!

After entering in the code and my gift card information, I would up paying $10 for four robes.  I think this qualifies as the best deal I've gotten during wedding planning, outside of winning my wedding gown.  The robes arrived a couple days ago and I love them!

What was the best deal you got for something related to your wedding planning?


  1. I use our credit card points exclusively for gift cards. Since we use the cards for gas and groceries for a family of 5 and pay it off every month, we rack up the points quickly. Over the last few years we have gotten tons of great free stuff with the cards. It might help you get more great wedding stuff.

  2. That is awesome!  I think the best deal I got was for my table runners, they were like $2 each on ebay! 

  3. I am right in the middle of planning my wedding and your blog seems like it is sent from heaven! I was also interested in buying robes for my bridesmaids -were you happy with the quality of these?

  4. What a great deal! I love those Pottery Barn robes. And you made a good decision by deciding to forgo the robes from the first company you mentioned. I was in a bridal party recently and we received those robes as a gift from the bride -- while they are super cute and long enough for most of the shorter bridesmaids, I definitely wore leggings underneath mine because (being 5'11") my robe was a bit too short to be wearing in front of a photographer while we were getting ready! :)
    As a side note, I found your blog shortly after I moved to C'ville for grad school this past August and it's great! I love seeing all your DIY wedding projects and learning about great places to go around town!


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